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Keywords: Tomography
MO-E115-IePD-F9-5Looking Through the Noise: Freehand Tomographic Reconstruction Using Noise Decorrelation and Acoustic Waveform Properties of 2D Images
O Ivashchenko1, 2*, T Natali2, T Ruers2, (1) Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, (2) The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
SU-K-202-6Ultra-Sensitive Single Pixel Bioluminescence Tomography for in Vivo Cell Tracking
Z Tong*, Z Deng, X Xu, K Wang, UT southwestern medical center, Dallas, TX
TH-A-207-1Detector and Beam Flux Optimization for X-Ray Fluorescence Emission Tomography
H DeBrosse1*, L J Meng2, P La Riviere1, (1) University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, (2) University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
TU-F115-IePD-F8-6Model-Based Pulse Pileup and Charge Sharing Compensation for Photon Counting Detectors 
K Taguchi1*, C Polster2, W P Segars3, N Aygun1, K Stierstorfer2, D Lee4*,(1) Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, (2) Siemens, Forchheim, Germany, (3) Duke Univ, Durham, NC, (4) John's Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD