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AI/ML Autoplanning, Autosegmentation, and Image Processing ISunday - 7/10/2022Ballroom B
Multi-Disciplinary SNAP Oral1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Moderator 1: Poonam Yadav

Moderator 2: Lei Xing

1:00 PM
SU-E-BRB-1 : Adaptation of Dose Prediction DenseNet for Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Different Beam Modes Using Transfer Learning
J. Fu*, Z. Wang, J. Lewis, X. Qi
1:07 PM
SU-E-BRB-2 : Automated Contour Edit Tracking to Improve AI Auto-Segmentation
S. Elguindi*, A. Li, M. Zhu, L. Cervino, H. Veeraraghavan, J. Jiang, E. LoCastro
1:14 PM
SU-E-BRB-3 : Automated Rectal Cancer Radiotherapy Planning
K. Huang*, P. Das, A. Olanrewaju, C. Cardenas, D. Fuentes, L. Zhang, D. Hancock, H. Simonds, D. Rhee, S. Beddar, T. Briere, L. Court
1:21 PM
SU-E-BRB-4 : Clinical Commissioning and Implementation of An In-House Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool for Automated Head and Neck Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment Planning
X. Li*, Y. Sheng, Q. Wu, Y. Ge, C. Wang, D. Brizel, Y. Mowery, J. Lee, W. Wang, H. Stephens, D. Yang, F. Yin, Q. Wu
1:28 PM
SU-E-BRB-5 : Comparing Transfer Learning, Data Augmentation, and Data Expansion in the Improvement of Medical Image Generation
M. Woodland*, J. Wood, B. Anderson, S. Kundu, E. Lin, E. Koay, B. Odisio, C. Chung, H. Kang, A. Venkatesan, S. Yedururi, B. De, Y. Lin, A. Patel, K. Brock
1:35 PM
SU-E-BRB-6 : Developing Clinical Pipeline to Translate Deep Learning Based Auto-Segmentation Models for Radiotherapy Planning
M. Lin*, T. Bai, B. Wang, D. Nguyen, Y. Gonzalez, J. Wu, Y. Yan, X. Jia, A. Godley, S. Jiang, W. Lu
1:42 PM
SU-E-BRB-7 : Pilot Implementation of AI GTVs for SRS to Brain Metastases
D. Hsu*, M. Aristophanous, L. Cervino, Y. Hu, A. Apte, A. Iyer, K. Beal, B. Imber, A. Ballangrud
1:49 PM
SU-E-BRB-8 : Task-Specific Fine-Tuning for Interactive Deep Learning Segmentation for Lung Fibrosis On CT Post Radiotherapy
M. Trimpl*, P. Salome, D. Walz, J. Hörner-Rieber, S. Regnery, E. Stride, K. Vallis, J. Debus, A. Abdollahi, M. Gooding, M. Knoll