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CT and CBCT: New Technologies, Algorithms, and Emerging Applications IISunday - 7/10/2022Room 201
Imaging SNAP Oral2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Moderator 1: Kai Yang

Moderator 2: Karen Drukker

2:00 PM
SU-F-201-1 : A Weakly-Supervised Approach for Automatic Selection of Uniform Regions in Clinical CT Images
W. Cao*, P. Korfiatis, T. Kline, M. Callstrom, A. Missert
2:07 PM
SU-F-201-2 : Improving Cone-Beam CT Auto-Segmentation Accuracy Using Cycle GANs for Domain Adaptation
K. Shah*, J. Shackleford, N. Kandasamy, G. Sharp
2:14 PM
SU-F-201-3 : Leveraging the Elliptical Shape of the Uterocervix On Semi-Axial Cross-Sections for Improved Deep-Learning Segmentation On Cone-Beam CT
S. Blackledge*, L. Wang, K. Zormpas-petridis, M. BLACKLEDGE, S. Lalondrelle, H. Mcnair, E. Harris
2:21 PM
SU-F-201-4 : Reproducibility of An Automated Lobar Lung Tissue Assignment Technique Using CT Pulmonary Angiography
N. Luu, Y. Zhao, S. Molloi*,
2:28 PM
SU-F-201-5 : Accurate and Efficient Deep Neural Network Based Deformable Image Registration Method in Lung Cancer
Y. Ding*, Z. Liu, H. Feng, J. Holmes, Y. Yang, N. Yu, T. Sio, S. Schild, B. Li, W. Liu
2:35 PM
SU-F-201-6 : Comparative Analysis of a Resolution-Limiting X-Ray System and a Micro-CT System for the Quantification of Bone Mineral Density in Rat Models
C. Warioba*, E. Marshall
2:42 PM
SU-F-201-7 : Discriminability of Non-Gaussian Noise Properties in CT and the Limitation of the Noise Power Spectrum to Describe Noise Texture
K. Boedeker*, D. Shin, L. Oostveen, I. Sechopoulos, C. Abbey
2:49 PM
SU-F-201-8 : Quantitative Dual-Energy CT with Limited-Angular-Range Data for Pulmonary Scans
B. Chen, Z. Zhang, D. Xia, E. Sidky, X. Pan*,