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Functional, Biologic and Anatomic IGRTSunday - 7/10/2022Ballroom C
Multi-Disciplinary SNAP Oral2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Moderator 1: Richard Castillo

Moderator 2: Katelyn Hasse

2:00 PM
SU-F-BRC-1 : Evaluation of Variables Predicting Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Changes for Lung Cancer Patients Treated On a Prospective 4DCT-Ventilation Functional Avoidance Clinical Trial
N. Ghassemi*, R. Castillo, E. Castillo, B. Jones, M. Miften, B. Kavanagh, B. Lu, M. Werner-Wasik, R. Miller, J. Barta, I. Grills, T. Guerrero, C. Rusthoven, Y. Vinogradskiy
2:07 PM
SU-F-BRC-2 : Using a Residual Neural Network to Predict Radiation-Induced Pulmonary Function Damage
E. Wallat*, M. Flakus, A. Wuschner, J. Reinhardt, G. Christensen, J. Bayouth,
2:14 PM
SU-F-BRC-3 : X-Ray Image Decomposition Using Personalized Prior Knowledge for Improved Motion Tracking in Paraspinal SBRT
X. He*, W. Cai, F. Li, Q. Fan, L. Cervino, J. Moran, P. Zhang, X. Li, T. Li
2:21 PM
SU-F-BRC-4 : Ultra-Quality Multi-Parametric 4D-MRI for Real-Time Tumor Tracking in Liver Radiation Therapy Using A Dual-Supervised Downsampling-Invariant Deformable Registration Model
H. Xiao*, X. Han, S. Zhi, Y. Wong, C. Liu, W. Li, W. Liu, W. Wang, Y. Zhang, H. Wu, H. Lee, A. Cheung, H. Chang, T. Li, J. Cai
2:28 PM
SU-F-BRC-5 : Tracking Intrafractional Motion Using Orthogonal MV-KV Images in Paraspinal SBRT Treatment: Pilot Results On Clinical Patients
Q. Fan, H. Pham, T. Li, P. Zhang, L. Cervino, J. Moran, X. Li*,
2:35 PM
SU-F-BRC-6 : Patient-Specific Synthetic MRI Generation From CBCT for Image Guidance in Liver SBRT
Z. Zhang*, Z. Jiang, K. Lu, F. Yin, L. Ren
2:42 PM
SU-F-BRC-7 : Real-Time CBCT Imaging and Motion Estimation Via a Single X-Ray Projection by a Motion Modeling-Based Convolutional Neural Network (MM-CNN)
T. Mengke, H. Shao, Y. Zhang*,
2:49 PM
SU-F-BRC-8 : Development and Validation of a Novel Multi-Modal (MRI and KVCT) Method to Determine Proton Stopping Power Ratio
R. Marants*, J. Scholey, E. Kaza, X. Miao, T. Benkert, A. Sudhyadhom