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Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy IISunday - 7/10/2022Ballroom A
Therapy SNAP Oral2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Moderator 1: Eric Ford

Moderator 2: Jean Moran

2:00 PM
SU-F-BRA-1 : Complexity and Treatment Parameters Impact On IROC Head and Neck Phantom Performance Evaluated Using Random Forest
H. Mehrens*, N. Hernandez, B. Lewis, A. Molineu, S. Kry
2:07 PM
SU-F-BRA-2 : Development and Inter-Institutional Validation of An Automatic Vertebral-Body Misalignment Error Detector for Cone-Beam CT Guided Radiotherapy
D. Luximon*, T. Ritter, E. Fields, J. Neylon, R. Petragallo, Y. Abdulkadir, J. Charters, D. Low, J. Lamb
2:14 PM
SU-F-BRA-3 : Film-Less Quality Assurance (QA) of a Robotic-Arm Linac Using a Scintillation-Based Imaging System
M. Ashraf*, L. Skinner, X. Gu, L. Xing, L. Wang
2:21 PM
SU-F-BRA-4 : How Well Does the IROC H&N Phantom Serve as a Surrogate for Different Anatomical Sites?
F. Brooks*, M. Glenn, C. Peterson, C. Nelson, C. Clark, J. Pollard-Larkin, R. Howell, S. Kry
2:28 PM
SU-F-BRA-5 : Multi-Institutional Study of a Bayesian Network-Based Assistive Tool for Physics Plan Review
S. Luk*, P. Kalendralis, C. Zegers, I. Bermejo, A. Kalet
2:35 PM
SU-F-BRA-6 : Strategic Selection of Combinations of Quality Checks Via FMEA to Maximize Effectiveness of IMRT QA
J. O'Daniel*, Y. Cui, W. Giles, J. Adamson
2:42 PM
SU-F-BRA-7 : The Development and Validation of a Physics Safety Checklist for Review of Automatically Generated Treatment Plans
K. Nealon*, L. Court, R. Douglas, S. Kry, V. Reed, S. Simiele, L. Zhang, E. Han
2:49 PM
SU-F-BRA-8 : Using FMEA to Evaluate the Changes in Patient Risk for a New Automated Breast Planning Workflow
K. O'grady*, L. KUO, G. Tang, J. Moran, L. Hong, C. Della Biancia, K. Ohri, A. Ng, E. Lin, L. Santanam