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Radiobiological Modeling and Biologically Guided RTSunday - 7/10/2022Room 206
Therapy SNAP Oral5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Moderator 1: David Carlson

Moderator 2: Mariana Guerrero

5:00 PM
SU-K-206-1 : A High-Performance Computational Framework to Simulate Biological Effects of Radiation Exposure as a Function of Chromosome Structure
M. Andriotty*, J. Gounley, C. Wang, A. Kapadia, G. Agasthya
5:07 PM
SU-K-206-2 : Analytical Modeling of Intertrack Interaction in Ultra-High Dose Rate (FLASH) Radiotherapy
A. Baikalov*, R. Abolfath, R. Mohan, J. Wilkens, S. Bartzsch
5:14 PM
SU-K-206-3 : Does Reduction of Variable RBE-Weighted Dose in Organs at Risk Impact Clinical Proton Plan Quality?
L. Heuchel*, C. Hahn, J. Ödén, E. Traneus, J. Wulff, S. Plaude, B. Timmermann, C. Bäumer, A. Lühr
5:21 PM
SU-K-206-4 : Empirical Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) for Mandible Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Treated with Pencil-Beam-Scanning Proton Therapy (PBSPT): A Retrospective, Case-Matched Cohort Study
Y. Yang, O. Muller, S. Shiraishi, M. Harper, A. Amundson, W. Wong, L. McGee, J. Rwigema, S. Schild, M. Bues, M. Fatyga, J. Anderson, S. Patel, R. Foote, W. Liu*,
5:28 PM
SU-K-206-5 : High Throughput Alpha Particle Irradiator for Radiobiology Research
D. Martinus*, D. Flint, S. Bright, M. Khuroo, S. Prajapati, S. Shaitelman, G. Sawakuchi
5:35 PM
SU-K-206-6 : Is the Radiosensitizing Effect of Platinum Nanoparticles in Proton Irradiation Due to An Enhanced Proton Energy Deposition?
C. Behrends*, C. Bäcker, I. Schilling, S. Zwiehoff, J. Weingarten, K. Kröninger, C. Rehbock, S. Barcikowski, J. Wulff, C. Bäumer, B. Timmermann
5:42 PM
SU-K-206-7 : Targeted MR Contrast Nanoparticles for Programmed Death Ligand-1 Expression
N. Brown*, G. Bort, P. Rocchi, L. Carmes, M. Iyer, T. Doussineau, F. Lux, J. Schoenfeld, M. Dougan, O. Tillement, R. Berbeco