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A Virtual Physics Lab to Educate the Public About Radiation

J Jing1*, H Lin1, (1)Physics Department. Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, Anhui ,CN


PO-GePV-E-1 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Urkrine war had changed traditional ways to provide public radiation education. Explaining the field of Radiation Physics to the public is becoming a harder task. But it is difficult for most schools to set up experiments in physics teaching to meet the learning needs. It is essential to foster techniques to make this field approachable and understood to the layman.

Methods: A Radiation Physics Massive Open Online Labs was built based on the NI ELVIS hardware platform, NI LabVIEW software and Moodle e-learning platform. A comparative study on the theoretical results virtual experiments results was conducted utilizing radiation protection experiments as examples. According to the characteristics of related radiation physics contents, it expounded and illustrated the role and advantages of computer simulation technology. A key aspect of this is to cover all the different problems in the nuclear radiation situation, regardless of the place where the participants live. Computer simulation technology is applied in the recurring of physical process, the interpretation of physical principles and the simulation demonstration in teaching.

Results: Viewers become familiar with the use and parameter setting of conventional radioactivity measuring instruments, be able to analyze the radioactivity characteristics and radioactivity level, basically understand the diffusion characteristics of radioactive substances in the state of nuclear accident. Those include modern physics illustrations in the categories of x-ray, Imaging and radiation detection.

Conclusion: It helps to improve the teaching quality. Applying computer simulation technology in the teaching process can greatly change the traditional teaching and learning concepts, enhance the layman to better understand the abstract radiation physics theories and better protect themselves.


Radiation Protection, Simulation


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