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Education General ePoster ViewingSunday - 7/10/2022ePoster Forums
Education General ePoster Viewing (ePosters available for viewing during exhibit hall hours: SU|12:30-5:00, MO/TU| 9:00-5:00, WE|9:00-2:00) 

PO-GePV-E-1 : A Virtual Physics Lab to Educate the Public About Radiation
J. Jing*, H. Lin

PO-GePV-E-3 : The Genesis Course: Developing Highly Effective Physics Knowledge for Radiology Residents
P. Sprawls*

PO-GePV-E-4 : Medical Physics Escape Room – Unlock the Discovery of the Physics in Medicine
O. Villarreal*, A. Vignati, O. Rampado, M. Abujami, D. Bersani, P. Cerello, E. Data, V. Ferrero, E. Fiorina, C. Galeone, S. Giordanengo, F. Mas Milian, E. Medina, V. Monaco, D. Montalvan Olivares, V. Monti, F. Pennazio, R. Sacchi, M. Vallero, R. Cirio

PO-GePV-E-5 : Mentorship in a Medical Physics Residency Program: Setting Goals and Evaluating Results
B. Keller*, A. Elzibak, G. Pang, M. Nielsen, B. Zhang, S. Breen, A. Hsu

PO-GePV-E-6 : A Team Learning Initiative in Undergraduate Medical Physics
B. Loughery*, J. Mcbrady, M. Joiner

PO-GePV-E-7 : A Multi-Modal Deep Learning-Based Decision Support System for Individualized Radiotherapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
A. Niecikowski, S. Gupta, G. Suarez, J. Kim, H. Chen, F. Guo, W. Long, J. Deng*

PO-GePV-E-8 : Strategies to Increase Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Curriculum and Practical Skills in Medical Physics Graduate and Residency Programs
R. McBeth*, T. Li, S. O'Reilly

PO-GePV-E-9 : Formal Simulation-Based Training On DIBH Technique Is Effective for Clinical and Physics Staff
A. Copeland*, M. Niazi, L. Schubert, N. Simone, S. Rudoler, S. Wan

PO-GePV-E-10 : Development and Implementation of Interactive ELearning Content for Medical Physics Education
P. Ravindran*

PO-GePV-E-11 : Introductory Patient Communication Curriculum for Medical Physics Graduate Students: Multi-Institutional Experience
L. DeWeese, M. Kishore, V. Bry, A. Rodrigues, L. Padilla, N. Kirby*

PO-GePV-E-12 : Physicist Brachytherapy Training in 2021 - A Survey of Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency Program Directors
M. Aima*, S. Simiele, S. Richardson, C. Melhus

PO-GePV-E-13 : Contrast Thresholds for Detection of Various Iodine Concentrations in Subtraction CT and Dual Energy CT Systems
A. Heshmat*, I. Barreto, L. Rill, M. Arreola

PO-GePV-E-14 : Global Virtual Mentoring Program for Medical Physicists: Guidance Provided by An Online Survey
J. Van Dyk*, L. Schreiner, R. Jeraj, M. Jalink