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The Genesis Course: Developing Highly Effective Physics Knowledge for Radiology Residents

P Sprawls1*, (1) Emory University and Sprawls Educational Foundation,


PO-GePV-E-3 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: Provide radiology residents with and introduction and understanding of the factors that determine visibility of clinical conditions with medical images. Illustrate how visibility can be optimized through the selection of appropriate imaging modalities, methods, and protocol factors. This is knowledge needed throughout a residency to support the effective use of the medical imaging procedures. By demonstrating the role of physics in medical imaging and the value of knowledge of physics in clinical applications, interest, and motivation for studying physics as provided by medical physics educators within radiology residency programs is enhanced.

Methods: Resources consisting of an online tutorial text for individual study and reference for radiology residents, and a set of visuals that can be used by medical physics educators to enhance their class and conference presentations have been developed and are provided as an open resource available in all countries of the world. A suggested format is a short course (three to five sessions), referred to as the Genesis Course (The Begging), provided early in the residency program.

Results: These resources were published (December 2021) in a medical physics international journal and are now available to medical physics educators in all countries of the world. The ongoing activity is the incorporation of this into residency programs under the guidance of the medical physics educators.

Conclusion: Visibility is the comprehensive image quality characteristic that determines the value of an imaging procedure for a specific clinical application, detecting breast cancer is an example. Visibility is highly variable and determined by a complex combination of factors that are under the control of the radiologist. Knowledge of these factors and relationship to clinical visibility early in a residency provides a foundation for understanding and optimizing procedures for maximum diagnostic value. That knowledge is being developed with the Genesis Course described here.


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