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Quantitative Value for Radiotherapy Department Operation Optimization with Binary Stakeholder Model

K Li1*, (1) Varian Medical System, Hagerstown, MD


PO-GePV-P-1 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: Binary Equal Weight Stakeholder Model was applied to compute the decision-making score for different situations in clinical operating of radiotherapy center.

Methods: A radiotherapy department was simulated with every professional with two competent clinicians. Usually, every department in practice should have least the following stakeholders, who are physician, physicist, dosimetrist, therapist, nurses, patient, administrator, and others. And the ability of each clinician was equal weight. The availability of a staff was expressed as one; the vacancy of a clinician was expressed as zero. Normally, the radiotherapy department treatment includes three procedures, which were simulation, treatment planning and plan delivery. And each procedure will have different stakeholder get involved. Different algorithms such as sum, product or mixture of sum and product were applied to compute the binary scores based on staff availability.

Results: Given the extreme situation with both professional were available and patient was excluded, the system sum score was 42 with individual process sum score at 14, 14, and 14; the system product score was 2097152 with each process product score at 128, 128 and 128. At the assumed minimum staff availability situation without considering patient effect, the system sum score was 10 with each process sum score at 4, 3, and 3; and the system production score was 1 with each process product score at 1. When the system score defined as product of each process at highest staff availability, the system sum-product score was 2744, and system product-sum score was 384; and at the least staff availability situation, the system sum-product score was at 36, and system product-sum score was at 3.

Conclusion: A simple model was developed to evaluate a radiotherapy department based on stakeholder competency. And complex simulation could embed professional, stakeholder individual characteristics based on cognitive model with appropriate score computation algorithm.


Quality Control, Modeling, Estimation Theory


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