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Professional General ePoster Viewing (ePosters available for viewing during exhibit hall hours: SU|12:30-5:00, MO/TU|9:00-5:00, WE|9:00-2:00) 

PO-GePV-P-1 : Quantitative Value for Radiotherapy Department Operation Optimization with Binary Stakeholder Model
K. Li*

PO-GePV-P-3 : To Provide a New Method for Early Alert of the Radiation Dose Change Due to Patient’s Physical Change for Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART)
Y. Wang*

PO-GePV-P-5 : Uncertainty Determination of Dose Due to Repository Movement in Proton Therapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using the GATE Monte Carlo Technique
H. Taleshi Ahangari, R. Shamohamadi*

PO-GePV-P-7 : Differences in Dosimetric Performances of Compared URT-Linac 506c with TrueBeam
Y. Liang*, L. Yu, B. Yang, T. Pang, X. Liu, J. Qiu

PO-GePV-P-8 : Evaluation of Table Transmission with Different Couch Tops Available at the Clinic
S. Davis*, R. Tolakanahalli, S. George

PO-GePV-P-9 : Transitioning From Computed Radiography to Digital Radiography by Redesigning the Clinical Workflow for Total Body Irradiation with Lung Blocks
K. Verdecchia*, M. Shah, A. Doemer, I. Chetty

PO-GePV-P-10 : Determinant for a Successful Practice Quality Improvement Projects in Radiation Oncology Department
C. Njeh*, B. Thorndyke, S. Ng, Y. Yue, L. Fanelli, H. Ai, R. Zellars

PO-GePV-P-11 : Evaluation of QA Crosschecker for Monthly QA On Linac; One Year of Experience
M. Yaqoub*, S. Sharma, A. Al-Kaissi, R. Corns, K. Yang, R. Connor, A. Ju

PO-GePV-P-12 : Estimation of Monte Carlos Algorithm with MapCHECK2 Diode Array for Electron Beam Radiotherapy
K. Li*

PO-GePV-P-13 : Effect of Inconsistent Virtual Bolus Thickness On Superficial Dose Distribution
R. Cattell*, J. Kim, A. Hsia, X. Qian

PO-GePV-P-14 : Comparison of Different Software for Quality Assurance of Diagnostic Display Monitors
B. Fric*

PO-GePV-P-15 : Beam Commissioning An Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelerator Using Accelerated Go Live Data
N. Bassiri*, P. Park, T. Yamamoto, L. Sensoy, S. Palefsky, M. Keohane, S. Benedict

PO-GePV-P-16 : Utilization of Response Surface Methodology in Optimization of CT Low-Contrast Detectability
S. Alani*

PO-GePV-P-17 : Evaluation of Fractional Variations of Delineated Volumes and Dosimetric Parameters for Patients Treated with HDR Multi-Channel Vaginal Cylinders
T. Giaddui*, B. Wang, J. Price, C. Heese, C. Miyamoto, B. Micaily, S. Li

PO-GePV-P-18 : Experience with Dose Validation for a New Planning System
B. Wang*, T. Giaddui, S. Li

PO-GePV-P-19 : Quantitative Look Into Ultrasound Quality Assurance
B. Fric*