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Preliminary Study On Design X-Ray Blood Irradiator Using Monte Carlo N-Particle

D Tran12*, J Back1, H Park3, j kim4, S Park1,2,5, (1) KIRAMS, Seoul, KR, (2) UST, Daejeon, KR, (3) ICS Co. Ltd., Daejeon, KR, (4) AIRISS Co. Ltd., Daejeon, KR, (5) BCH, Boston, MA, US


PO-GePV-M-342 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: Design and construct X-ray irradiator to prevent Transfusion Associated-Graft Versus Host Disease (TA-GVHD) during Blood Transfusion.

Methods: 225 kV-13mA X-ray tube Comet was used as X-ray source generate 40 degrees of Cone-beam angle. Aluminum and Copper were employed as filters in order to reduce the dose rate at the top’s surface. We also consider about Backscatter effect of the Blood plate for uniform dosimetry distribution at the bottom and top of the phantom. Steel and Aluminum were simulated and compared as Backscatter materials. Using Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code (MCNP6.2 version) to investigate Shielding rate and compare to Half Value Layers (HVLs) as a reference; dose rate’s top and bottom; the impact of different filters. In this study, water phantom 2.0 cm thickness was employed.

Results: Our results indicated that Lead 1.0 cm thickness could be used for shielding during X-ray irradiation. Distance from the X-ray source to filters and different filters also affect surface and bottom dose. In addition, Al plate 2.0 cm thickness had a reasonable Backscatter rate leading to an increased bottom dose rate. Finally, we realized that the best distance from the source to the Cu filter could obtain uniform dose distribution is 27.5cm (4.821Gy/min at the top and 4.694Gy/min at the bottom of the phantom). There is no significant difference between our results with the standard X-ray blood irradiation device (5Gy/min for irradiation session).

Conclusion: This study indicated that our X-ray blood irradiator is not only safe, suitable for preventing TA-GVHD but also doesn’t require costly disposal until the end of the life cycle so could be a possible alternative to Gamma irradiation. In the future, dose mapping for greater phantom would be used for experimental and construction X-ray Irradiator.


Backscatter, Monte Carlo, X Rays


IM- X-Ray: Monte Carlo modeling

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