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Multi-Disciplinary General ePoster ViewingSunday - 7/10/2022ePoster Forums
Multi-Disciplinary General ePoster Viewing (ePosters available for viewing during exhibit hall hours: SU|12:30-5:00, MO/TU|9:00-5:00, WE|9:00-2:00) 

PO-GePV-M-1 : Impact of Germline Genomic Alterations On Normal Tissue and Tumor Response to Radiation Therapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
A. Hopper, L. Sutton, P. Sanghvi, X. Ray, L. Krockenberger, I. Deichaite, V. Moiseenko*

PO-GePV-M-2 : Improving Three-Dimensional Dose Prediction with Ordinal Regression
Y. Yuan*, T. Tseng, Y. Lo

PO-GePV-M-3 : Automated Field-In-Field Integrated with Aperture Prediction for Whole Brain Radiotherapy
K. Huang*, Y. Xiao, S. Hernandez, C. Nguyen, C. Wang, T. Briere, C. Cardenas, L. Court

PO-GePV-M-4 : Domain Knowledge Driven 3D Dose Prediction Using Moment-Based Loss Function
G. Jhanwar*, N. Dahiya, P. Ghahremani, M. Zarepisheh, S. Nadeem

PO-GePV-M-5 : Geometric and Dosimetric Evaluation of An Atlas - Based Autosegmentation Software On Organs-At-Risk (OARs) for Tomotherapy Planning of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) Patients
Y. Wang*, P. Cheung, J. Lui, F. Lee, L. Wing Sum, H. Yiu, J. Cai

PO-GePV-M-6 : Deep-Learning Auto-Segmentation Vs. Manually Segmented Delineations for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
T. Bejarano*, V. Leandro Alves, K. Ward, D. Cousins, E. Nesbit, E. Asare, C. Luminais, B. Walker, J. Siebers

PO-GePV-M-7 : Performance Evaluation of AI-Based Automatic Segmentation Modules for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Y. Liao*, R. Injerd, G. Tolekidis, N. Joshi, J. Turian

PO-GePV-M-9 : Auto Segmentation Model for Head and Neck Cancer Patients Using U-Net with Convolutional Block Attention Modules
K. Yamamoto*, R. Nakagami, M. Nakano, Y. Tanaka, H. Ishiyama, T. Hasegawa, M. Hashimoto

PO-GePV-M-10 : Clinical Target Volume Analysis From a Web-Based, AI Platform
T. Netherton*, R. Mumme, A. Olanrewaju, R. Douglas, L. Zhang, D. Rhee, C. Cardenas, H. Simonds, A. Jhingran, B. Beadle, L. Court

PO-GePV-M-11 : Assessing Machine Learning Generated Auto-Segmentation
S. Gupta*, L. Dong, R. McBeth, S. Philbrook

PO-GePV-M-12 : Correlations of Evaluation Metrics in Deep Learning-Based Segmentation
H. Tan*, Y. Xiao, R. McBeth, S. Lee

PO-GePV-M-13 : Exploring the Combination of Deep-Learning Based Direct Segmentation and Deformable Image Registration for Cone-Beam CT Based Auto-Segmentation for Adaptive Radiotherapy
X. Liang*, H. Morgan, T. Bai, M. Dohopolski, D. Nguyen, S. Jiang

PO-GePV-M-14 : Multi-Organ Auto-Segmentation of Abdominal Structures On Contrast-Enhanced CT Images with Escalating Training Data Size
C. Yu*, C. Anakwenze, Y. Zhao, R. Martin, J. Niedzielski, E. Ludmir, J. Yang, L. Court, C. Cardenas

PO-GePV-M-15 : A Clinical-Friendly Deep Interactive Segmentation Algorithm for Volumetric Image
T. Bai*, M. Lin, X. Liang, B. Wang, M. Dohopolski, B. Cai, D. Nguyen, S. Jiang

PO-GePV-M-16 : Evaluation of a Commercial Convolution Neural Network Based Auto-Segmentation Software
M. Leyva*, D. Wang, N. Mcallister, A. Gutierrez, R. Tolakanahalli

PO-GePV-M-17 : Evaluation of Automated and Manual Contours for Head and Neck Cancers
J. Buatti*, N. Kirby, R. Li, M. de Oliveira, C. Kabat, N. Papanikolaou, P. Paragios, S. Stathakis

PO-GePV-M-20 : A Hybrid Tumor Model for Ultra-Large-Scale Heterogeneous Vascular Tumor Growth
J. Du*, Y. Zhou, L. Jin, K. Sheng

PO-GePV-M-21 : Gell: A GPU-Powered Ultra-Large-Scale Cell-Based Simulator
J. Du*, Y. Zhou, L. Jin, K. Sheng

PO-GePV-M-22 : Personalization of Patient Specific Radiation Dose and Dose Fractionation Using Volumetric Tumor Dynamics
H. Enderling*, M. Zahid, E. Moros, J. Caudell, A. Mohamed, C. Fuller

PO-GePV-M-23 : SliCERR: An Extension for 3D Slicer to Execute CERR Analysis Routines
E. LoCastro*, H. Veeraraghavan, T. Kapur, A. Iyer, C. Pinter, G. Sharp, J. Deasy, A. Apte

PO-GePV-M-24 : Information Security Needs and Practices for Cloud Based Healthcare Software-As-A-Service Model
P. Turner, S. Srinivasan, P. Bose, P. Ghosh, J. Palta, R. Kapoor*,

PO-GePV-M-25 : Anatomy-Specific Classification of Medical Imaging Data Hosted by Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center (MIDRC)
N. Shusharina*, D. Krishnaswamy, P. Kinahan, A. Fedorov

PO-GePV-M-26 : Standardization Process of Nomenclature Application in Head and Neck Tumor in Multi-Center for Radiotherapy
w. zheng*, s. Huang, L. Ye, X. Zhang, Y. Duan, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-27 : Initial Utilization of An Outcomes Database to Determine the Effects of Planning Technique Change On Patient Outcomes
A. Du*, B. Morris, P. Lewiz, A. Beggs, S. Hedrick

PO-GePV-M-28 : Determination of Optimal MR Scheduled Exam Slot Time by Retrospective Analysis of Performed Exam Durations
C. MacLellan*, S. Berkowitz, B. Scherrer, R. MacDougall, S. Dahlstedt, I. Cabral-goncalves, L. Tsai

PO-GePV-M-29 : What Matters the Most to Early- and Late-Stage Patients with Lung Cancer? A Dynamic Topic-Modeling Analysis of Big Data in Online Cancer Communities
A. Shah, W. Muhammad*

PO-GePV-M-30 : Scalable De-Identification Pipeline for Radiation Therapy Machine Learning Research
D. Moseley*, S. Seetamsetty, E. Tryggestad, S. Shiraishi

PO-GePV-M-32 : Creation of a NoSQL Relational User Model Database for Head and Neck Patients
M. de Oliveira, J. Buatti, R. Li, P. Paragios, N. Kirby*, N. Papanikolaou, S. Stathakis

PO-GePV-M-33 : A Deep Learning Method Approach for Machine Modeling of Elekta Linear Accelerator From Limited Beam Data
S. Ahn*, C. Kim, M. Han, S. Han, Y. Lee, H. Kim, C. Hong, J. Kim, J. Kim

PO-GePV-M-34 : Clinical Implementation of the Pancreatic Cancer Fast CT-CBCT Registration Network Model
E. LoCastro*, J. Hong, Y. Hu, X. Han, A. Apte, G. Mageras

PO-GePV-M-35 : Convolutional Neural Networks for the Automated Segmentation of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Analysis of Performance Based On Probability Map Threshold
M. Shenouda*, E. Gudmundsson, F. Li, C. Straus, H. Kindler, A. Dudek, T. Stinchcombe, X. Wang, A. Starkey, S. Armato

PO-GePV-M-36 : RAIdiation Protection Co-Pilot:A Machine Learning Aided Radiation Scenario Prediction Tool
E. Derugin*, K. Kröninger, O. Nackenhorst, F. Mentzel, J. Walbersloh, J. Weingarten

PO-GePV-M-37 : Small Beams, Fast Predictions - Comparison of Modern Machine Learning Models for Microbeam Radiation Therapy
F. Mentzel*, M. Barnes, K. Kröninger, M. Lerch, O. Nackenhorst, J. Paino, A. Rozenfeld, A. Tsoi, J. Weingarten, M. Hagenbuchner, S. Guatelli

PO-GePV-M-38 : Gamma Passing Rate Predictions Based On Automatic Feature Extraction of Modulation Maps and Monitor Unit Profiles: A Machine Learning Approach for Virtual Specific-Plan Verification
P. Quintero*, D. Benoit, Y. Cheng, C. Moore, A. Beavis

PO-GePV-M-39 : A Deep Learning Approach for Progression Prediction Using Morphological Changes in GTV During Treatment with MR-Guided Radiation Therapy
P. Ghasemi Saghand*, I. El Naqa, S. Rosenburg, J. Bryant, K. Latifi, J. Frakes, S. Hoffe, E. Moros

PO-GePV-M-40 : Attention-Based Multiple Instance Learning AI in the Prediction of Treatment for COVID-19 Patients
J. Fuhrman*, C. Wei, B. Katsnelson, E. Katsnelson, H. Li, Z. Luo, Z. Dong, F. Lure, Z. Cheng, M. Giger

PO-GePV-M-41 : OrXnet: Extracting Lung Projection From Composite X-Ray Projection with High Fidelity
Q. Xu*, D. Xu, D. Ruan, K. Sheng

PO-GePV-M-42 : A Partial Convolution Generative Adversarial Network to Synthesize Liver Lesions for Enhanced Tumor Segmentation
Y. Liu*, F. Yang, Y. Yang

PO-GePV-M-43 : Survival Prediction in Glioblastoma Using Combination of Deep Image Features, Hand-Crafted Image Features and Clinical Factors
Y. Zhuge*, H. Ning, J. Cheng, P. Mathen, K. Camphausen, R. Miller, A. Krauze

PO-GePV-M-44 : Active Learning for Deep Learning Dose Prediction as a Radiotherapy QA Tool in Radiotherapy
M. Huet Dastarac*, A. Barragan Montero, J. Lee

PO-GePV-M-45 : Reference-Guided Contrastive Learning for Overall Survival Prediction in Glioma Patients Using Pre-Operative MRIs
Z. Yang*, M. Chen, S. Stojadinovic, Z. Wardak, R. Timmerman, T. Dan, W. Lu, X. Gu

PO-GePV-M-46 : Region Specific Optimization (RSO)-Based Deep Interactive Registration
T. Bai*, M. Lin, X. Liang, B. Wang, M. Dohopolski, B. Cai, D. Nguyen, S. Jiang

PO-GePV-M-47 : IBSI-Compatible Convolutional Image Texture Filters in CERR
A. Iyer*, E. LoCastro, H. Veeraraghavan, J. Deasy, A. Apte

PO-GePV-M-48 : Automatic Quantification of Organ at Risk Contour Overlap and Separation in Radiotherapy
J. Brooks*, A. Anand, R. Foote, D. Hobbis, A. Jackson, J. Lucido, J. Ma, D. Pafundi, S. Patel, Y. Rong, D. Routman, B. Stish, E. Tryggestad, S. Yaddanapudi, D. Moseley

PO-GePV-M-49 : Evaluating the Use of Software Parallelism for DVH Calculations
W. Sleeman, P. Turner, P. Bose, S. Srinivasan, P. Ghosh, J. Palta, R. Kapoor*,

PO-GePV-M-50 : A Radiomics Application of the Two-Stage Clustering Algorithm for Finding Classes From a Large Sample with Many Variables
Y. Watanabe*, N. Gopishankar

PO-GePV-M-51 : Machine Learning Model for Diagnosis of Non-Displaced Fractures On Emergency Department Hip Radiographs
K. Drukker*, A. Siegel, B. Anderson, N. Sundaram, L. Lan, M. Giger

PO-GePV-M-52 : The Dataset Heterogeneity Matters: A Machine Learning Study of Dataset Conformation Effects On Model Performance for Dose Deliverability Prediction
P. Quintero*, D. Benoit, Y. Cheng, C. Moore, A. Beavis

PO-GePV-M-53 : Optimizing the Combination of Radiotherapy with Immunotherapy Using Reinforcement Learning
M. Bleile*, Y. Xing, D. Nguyen, H. Nguyen, C. Timmerman, D. Saha, B. Chen, M. Story, D. Heitjan, R. Timmerman, S. Jiang

PO-GePV-M-54 : Computational Triage of Severe Patients Caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pneumonia On CT Images with Radiomic Signatures
T. Iwasaki*, H. Arimura, K. Ninomiya, H. Iwanaga

PO-GePV-M-55 : Machine Learning-Generated Radiomic and Clinical Data for Lung Cancer Survival Prediction
L. Tu*, H. Choi, H. Clark, S. Lloyd

PO-GePV-M-56 : Predicting 3D Gamma Passing Rates of Head-And-Neck Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Using Machine and Deep Learning Models
S. Sivabhaskar*, R. Li, J. Buatti, M. de Oliveira, M. Bonnen, A. Roy, N. Kirby, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou

PO-GePV-M-57 : Prostate Cancer Malignancy Detection and Localization From MpMRI Using Auto-Deep Learning: One Step Closer to Clinical Utilization
W. Zong, E. Carver*, S. Zhu, E. Schaff, D. Chapman, J. Lee, I. Chetty, W. Wen

PO-GePV-M-59 : Brain Metastasis Stereotactic Radiosurgery Radiomics-Based Outcome Prediction Accuracy Is Dependent On Metastasis Volume and MRI Scanner
D. DeVries*, F. Lagerwaard, J. Zindler, T. Yeung, G. Rodrigues, G. Hajdok, A. Ward

PO-GePV-M-60 : Assessing Role of Feature Selection in Deep Transfer Classification of Indeterminant Thyroid Nodules
J. Cozzi*, H. Li, J. Williams, J. Conn Busch, L. Lan, X. Keutgen, M. Giger

PO-GePV-M-61 : STRATIS: A Cloud-Enabled Software Toolbox for RAdioTherapy and Imaging Analysis
A. Apte*, A. Iyer, E. LoCastro, H. Veeraraghavan, J. Oh, J. Deasy

PO-GePV-M-62 : Novel Quantitative Tool for Assessing Pulmonary Disease Burden in COVID-19 Using Ultrasound
H. Sagreiya*, M. Jacobs, A. Akhbardeh

PO-GePV-M-63 : Investigating the Expected Impact of Auto-Contouring in Clinical Practice: A Cohort Analysis
D. Boukerroui, J. Baker*, Y. Mcquinlan, A. Riegel, Y. Cao, M. Gooding, L. Potters

PO-GePV-M-64 : Investigating Disease-Stage Dependence of MR-Based Radiomic Feature Reproducibility Against Image Perturbations in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
T. Cheung, S. Lam, J. Zhang*, J. Cai

PO-GePV-M-65 : A Comparative Evaluation of Radiomic Feature Selection and Machine Learning Models for Clinical Outcome Prediction in Lung Cancer
G. Ge*, J. Zhang

PO-GePV-M-66 : Evaluation of Repeatability and Reproducibility of Radiomic Features Produced By The Fan-Beam KV-CT On A Novel Ring Gantry-Based PET/CT Linear Accelerator Using Two IBSI-Compliant Software Packages
T. Ketcherside, A. Sundquist, C. Han, W. Watkins, L. Court, C. Huntzinger, Q. Chen, T. Williams, A. Liu*

PO-GePV-M-67 : Impact of Training with Data From Multiple Disease Types On Lesion Detection Performance in Two CNN Architectures
A. Weisman*, M. La Fontaine, O. Lokre, R. Munian-govindan, T. Perk

PO-GePV-M-68 : Stability of Radiomics Features Using 4D-CT Across Radiomics Platforms and Contour Variations for Lung and Liver Tumors

X. Wang*, C. Ma, Y. Li, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, N. Yue, K. Nie

PO-GePV-M-69 : Imputation of Truncated Tumor Growth Data Via Bayesian Mixed Modeling
M. Bleile*, Y. Xing, C. Timmerman, D. Nguyen, B. Chen, M. Story, D. Saha, S. Jiang, D. Heitjan

PO-GePV-M-70 : Development of An Integrative Digital and Physical Phantom Bladder for Optimized Prostate Radiation Treatment Planning
S. Badih*, T. Johnson, Y. Khokhar, E. Salter, J. Chen, A. Deb, D. Ruan

PO-GePV-M-71 : A Novel Dose-Volume Constraint to Reduce Toxicity Rates of the Parotid Glands for Head-And-Neck Cancer Patients
H. Choun*, J. Son, S. Kang, H. Jin, E. Yoon, H. Wu, J. Park

PO-GePV-M-72 : Progression-Free Survival Analysis for Head and Neck Cancer with Multi-Modality Radiomics Using PET/CT Images
T. Alfonzetti*, R. Sheu, J. Junn, R. Bakst, Y. Yuan

PO-GePV-M-73 : Predicting Indirect Radiation-Induced Damage Using Parametric Response Mapping and Dosimetric Analysis
A. Wuschner*, E. Wallat, M. Flakus, G. Christensen, J. Reinhardt, J. Bayouth

PO-GePV-M-74 : Electroacoustic Tomography for the Guidance of Electroporation
Y. Xu, S. Wang, R. Lu, L. Sun, T. Kim, L. Xiang*

PO-GePV-M-75 : Monte-Carlo Dose Calculation System for Interventional Radiology (McDCIR) - Development and First Test
H. Han*, S. Moon, G. Son, C. Kim, S. Song

PO-GePV-M-76 : Evaluation of Deep Learning Based Auto-Contouring of Liver Segments
A. Gupta*, B. Rigaud, S. Yedururi, E. Kirimli, C. Yu, Y. He, G. Cazoulat, C. Oconnor, B. Odisio, E. Koay, K. Brock

PO-GePV-M-77 : 3D Surface Imaging of Pleural Cavity for Light Fluence Modeling During PDT
D. Sourvanos, H. Sun, J. Fiorellini, K. Cengel, T. Zhu*,

PO-GePV-M-78 : A Real
time IR Navigation System for Pleural Photodynamic

H. Sun*, M. Kim, K. Cengel, T. Zhu

PO-GePV-M-79 : Clinical Implementation of the Philips Orthopedic Metallic Artifact Reduction (OMAR) Algorithm for Proton Radiotherapy CT Simulations
N. Miksys*, C. Curley, R. Tokarz

PO-GePV-M-80 : Beam Path Length From Isocenter to Skin On Cone-Beam CT Images as An Adaptive Planning Indicator in Proton Therapy for Extremity Tumors
N. Biswal*, B. Zhang, E. Nichols, M. Witek, W. Regine, B. Yi

PO-GePV-M-81 : Optimal QACT Frequency During Proton Therapy: A Single Institution Study
N. Biswal*, E. Nichols, R. Mogilnay, M. Witek, B. Yi

PO-GePV-M-82 : The Pearson Correlation Coefficient of Target and the Beam Path Length Using Cone-Beam CT Images as Adaptive Planning Indicators of Head and Neck Patients Undergoing Proton Therapy
D. Han*, N. Biswal, B. Zhang, M. Witek, B. Yi

PO-GePV-M-83 : MRI-Based Synthetic CT Images Generated Using 3D Conditional GAN for IMPT Treatment Planning
S. Chen*, A. Qin, Y. Peng, Y. Liu, C. Zhao, X. Deng, R. Deraniyagala, X. Ding

PO-GePV-M-84 : Feasibility Study of Proton Scanning System with Perpendicular Magnetic Field by Open MRI
H. Ueda*, Y. Fujii, T. Takayanagi, K. Nishioka, T. Hashimoto, H. Aoyama, K. Umegaki, T. Matsuura

PO-GePV-M-86 : Determining the Feasibility of Integrating Laser Plasma Accelerated Proton Beams and Thermoacoustic Dose Imaging Into a Small Animal Image-Guided Therapy Platform
M. Vieceli*, A. Almalki, K. Stantz

PO-GePV-M-87 : Intensity and Range Modulated Proton Radiography Using High Energy Therapeutic Proton Scanning Pencil Beams
C. Pelas*, N. Alsbou, S. Ahmad, I. Ali

PO-GePV-M-88 : Development of a Quality Assurance Phantom for Proton Radiography Using High Energy Therapeutic Beams From Proton Radiotherapy Machines
C. Pelas*, N. Alsbou, S. Ahmad, I. Ali

PO-GePV-M-89 : Using Proton Induced Acoustic Signals as a Means for Proton Radiography Imaging: A Feasibility Study
P. Pandey, J. Caron*, L. Xiang, S. Ahmad, Y. Chen

PO-GePV-M-90 : Proton Radiography as a Quality Control Tool for 3D and 4D Thorax Synthetic CTs
C. Seller Oria*, A. Thummerer, J. Free, G. Guterres Marmitt, A. Meijers, A. Knopf, J. Langendijk, S. Both

PO-GePV-M-91 : Simulations and Measurements of Proton Radiography Images with Pixelated Silicon Detectors
M. Hötting*, E. Beyreuther, S. Gantz, K. Kröninger, A. Lühr, J. Pawelke, I. Schilling, J. Schlingmann, H. Speiser, J. Weingarten

PO-GePV-M-92 : Proton Radiography with FLASH Dose Rates
A. Stanforth*, S. Charyyev, J. Arrue, M. Duce, A. Erickson, A. Dhabaan

PO-GePV-M-93 : Stable Isotopes as Prompt Gamma Rays Enhancement Agents in Proton Therapy
P. Galanakou*, T. Leventouri, W. Muhammad

PO-GePV-M-94 : New Automated Data-Driven Gated (DDG) CT for Radiation Treatment Planning
T. Pan*, A. Thomas, D. Luo

PO-GePV-M-95 : Investigation of Concentric Rings Artifact Near the Diaphragm Region On 4DCT
D. Wang*, P. Klages, J. Sillanpaa, D. Lovelock, U. Mahmood

PO-GePV-M-96 : Assessing the Ability to Detect Lung Target Amplitude Changes Between 3D CBCT and 4D CBCT by Geometric and Dosimetric Evaluation
C. Baley*, N. Kirby, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou, D. Saenz

PO-GePV-M-97 : A Comprehensive Quality Assurance Procedure for 4DCT Commissioning
M. Polizzi*, S. Kim, M. Rosu-Bubulac

PO-GePV-M-98 : An Improved 4DCT Reconstruction Algorithm for Patients with Irregular Breathing
A. Harnage*, C. Ramsey, M. Ratner, J. Bowling, I. Pfeiffer

PO-GePV-M-100 : Deformation-Based Internal Margin Design for Radiotherapy Planning of Lung Cancer
B. Spieler*, B. Rich, L. Young, M. Monterroso, Y. Yang, F. Yang

PO-GePV-M-101 : Can Gating Percentiles Selected From the Phase-Based Planning 4DCT Be Applied for Amplitude-Gated Treatments?
L. Lu*, C. Poduska, P. Qi, K. Stephans, P. Xia

PO-GePV-M-102 : MR-Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Primary Liver Cancer: A Six-Year Experience
R. Chin*, J. Schiff, A. Bommireddy, K. Kang, N. Andruska, A. Price, O. Green, Y. Huang, K. Korenblat, P. Parikh, J. Olsen, P. Samson, L. Henke, H. Kim, S. Badiyan

PO-GePV-M-103 : Preferred MRI Registration Techniques for Deformable Dose Accumulation in Abdomen
K. Kainz*, J. Garcia-Alvarez, H. Zhong, A. Tai, E. Ahunbay, X. Li

PO-GePV-M-104 : Prediction of Mucositis in Head and Neck VMAT and Judgment for Adaptive Radiotherapy
T. Rachi*

PO-GePV-M-105 : Potential Benefit of a Library of Plans Strategy for Pre-Operative Gastric Cancer Radiotherapy
M. Bleeker*, M. Hulshof, K. Goudschaal, A. Bel, J. Sonke, A. van der Horst

PO-GePV-M-106 : Online Plan Adaptation in Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy Based On Planned Versus Cumulative Dose Indices
M. Bobic*, K. Nesteruk, H. Lee, A. Lalonde, B. Winey, A. Lomax, H. Paganetti

PO-GePV-M-107 : A New Metric of Contour and Dose Accuracy Applied to Automated Adaptation Features in a Commercial TPS
M. Bogue*, J. Patrick, R. Munbodh

PO-GePV-M-108 : Transformation of a 6DoF Robotic Couch Position to Account for Intrafraction Variation for a Proton Therapy System
M. Shang*, Y. Yuan, D. Pang, Y. Chen

PO-GePV-M-109 : Predictive Maintenance Model for Early Detection of Plan Adaptation in Proton Head and Neck Treatment
D. Bohannon*, C. Chang, J. Janopaul-naylor, C. Ma, Z. Diamond, L. Lin, J. Bradley, T. Liu, X. Yang, M. McDonald, J. Zhou

PO-GePV-M-110 : Assessing the Accuracy of Target Contours Derived From Ethos ICBCT Images for Online Adaptive Prostate SBRT
D. O'Connell*, M. Xiang, T. Ma, S. Yoon, L. Valle, R. Savjani, J. Lamb

PO-GePV-M-111 : Analysis of Patient-Specific Quality Assurance for Ethos Pre-Plan and Adaptive Plan Following TG-218 Recommendation
E. Inam*, L. Chen, Y. Gonzalez, D. Parsons, A. Godley, S. Jiang, W. Lu, R. Reynolds, B. Cai, M. Lin

PO-GePV-M-112 : Three-Dimensional Dose Super-Resolution Using Implicit Neural Representation
V. Vasudevan*, O. Pastor-serrano, C. Huang, C. Chuang, Z. Perkó, P. Dong, L. Xing

PO-GePV-M-113 : The Planning Target Volume Change During SBRT Lung Treatment for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
C. Ding*, M. Lin, A. Godley

PO-GePV-M-114 : A Dosimetric Comparison for Adaptive Cone-Beam CT and MRI Based Radiotherapy for Stereotactic Partial Breast Irradiation
D. Parsons*, L. Chen, H. Lee, Y. Zhang, B. Cai, T. Zhuang, B. Hrycushko, C. Park, Y. Gonzalez, X. Zhong, J. Visak, C. Nwachukwu, N. Kim, P. Alluri, A. Rahimi, M. Lin

PO-GePV-M-115 : Correlation Between Angular Dependent Dose Projections and Field Shape Changes in Adapted VMAT Plans
P. Kessler*, K. Kirschbaum, F. Schwab, K. Bratengeier

PO-GePV-M-116 : Adaptive Radiation Therapy Post Cystoprostatectomy
I. Gallagher*, C. Coughlin, J. Riess, I. Chetty, B. Movsas, A. Kretzler

PO-GePV-M-117 : Toward Offline Adaptive Therapy for Prostate Patients Using Velocity
E. Bacon*, S. Wisnoskie, M. Hyun

PO-GePV-M-118 : Variations in Rectal Volume and Dose as Estimated On Daily CBCT and the Association with Radiation Proctitis During IMRT for Prostate Cancer
W. Martin*, W. Bodner, V. Cardozo, L. Goddard, J. Tang, S. Kalnicki, M. Garg, W. Tomé, P. Brodin

PO-GePV-M-119 : DVH Distortion in Deformably Propagated Dose Grids - a Practical Challenge for Adaptive Radiotherapy
J. Kipritidis*, A. Quinn, T. Morgas, S. Kuckertz, N. Papenberg, S. Heldmann, T. Coradi, F. Franco, J. Kieselmann, C. Huang, J. Booth

PO-GePV-M-121 : The Dosimetric Performance of Online Adaptive Radiotherapy Based On CT-LINAC for Cervical Cancer
D. JIANG*, C. Yang, Z. Mei, J. Gong, H. Liu, H. Qiu, X. Wang

PO-GePV-M-122 : Evaluating Changes in Monitor Units of Online Adaptive Radiotherapy (ART) Plans
A. Cooney*, A. Yock

PO-GePV-M-123 : Feasibility of Novel Low Dose Radiation Treatment of Polymetastatic Disease in Stage IV NSCLC Patients Receiving Systemic Immunotherapy to Improve Response
N. Nasser*, B. Perez, J. Penagaricano, K. Latifi, E. Moros, J. Caudell, G. Redler

PO-GePV-M-124 : A Study On Monitor Unit (MU) Variability Over Adaptive Treatment Courses for CBCT-Guided Online Adaptive Radiation Therapy
O. Dona Lemus*, D. Zheng, M. Pacella, M. Cummings, H. Qiu, N. Joyce, M. Webster, H. Jung, J. Yoon, N. Burns, E. Hagenbach, R. Badzinski, S. Tanny

PO-GePV-M-125 : Evaluation of a Deep-Learning Auto-Segmentation Model Trained with Planning CT On Regular CBCT and ICBCT Images for Prostate Online Adaptive Therapy
J. Duan*, X. Feng, J. Latorre, Q. Chen

PO-GePV-M-126 : Metal Artifact Reduction in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for Ultrasound-Guided Cardiac Radioablation Using Protons
S. Puvanasunthararajah*, S. Camps, M. Wille, P. Ramachandran, D. Fontanarosa

PO-GePV-M-127 : Deep Learning for MRI-Generated Synthetic CT: Dosimetric Evaluation for RT Planning in Head and Neck Cancers
J. Antunes*, D. Pittock, P. Jacobs, A. Nelson, J. Piper, T. Young, S. Deshpande

PO-GePV-M-128 : Evaluation of the Clinical Impact of the Differences Between Planned and Delivered Doses in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Based On Daily IGRT and Patient-Reported Outcome Scores
P. Mavroidis*, J. Hammers, G. Narayanasamy, S. Sud, D. Lindsay, X. Tan, J. Dooley, S. Stathakis, L. Marks, R. Chen, S. Das

PO-GePV-M-129 : A Single-Phantom Study of the 2D/3D Auto-Match On ARIA-TrueBeam Platform
D. Wang*

PO-GePV-M-130 : A Comparison Study for Electronic Portal Image Enhancement Between Different Image Processing Algorithms
M. Tavakoli*, H. Ghaempanah, M. Deevband, A. Alvar, M. Najafi

PO-GePV-M-131 : Evaluation of a Real-Time Method for Motion-Induced Dose Error Reporting for Pancreas Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
M. Gargett*, A. Ahmed, A. Briggs, T. Ravkilde, S. Skouboe, P. Poulsen, G. Hruby, A. Kneebone, P. Keall, J. Booth

PO-GePV-M-132 : Analysis of Intra-Fractional Motion in Prostate Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
R. Cattell*, A. Hsia, J. Kim, X. Qian, S. Lu, A. Slade, K. Mani, S. Ryu, Z. Xu

PO-GePV-M-133 : IGRT Registration Errors Comparisons and the Effects On the Dosimetric Analysis for IMRT in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
J. Lian*, s. Huang, w. zheng, E. Li, T. Wen, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-134 : Clinical Experience of ExacTrac to Guide Six Degree of Freedom Fiducial Marker Based Patient Positioning for Hypo-Prostate Fractionation
R. Sandhu*, C. Knill, B. Loughery, L. Lin, Z. Seymour

PO-GePV-M-136 : Cranial Dose Calculation On Synthetic CT for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
F. Li*, A. Xu, O. Dona Lemus, T. Wang, M. Sisti, C. Wuu

PO-GePV-M-137 : Evaluation of How Daily Variation of Organs at Risk Changes Organ Doses and Immune Suppression From the Treatment Plan During SBRT Treatment to Lung
B. Walker*, C. Nguyen, T. Showalter, J. Larner, K. Wijesooriya

PO-GePV-M-138 : Feasibility of a Second-Generation Dual-Layer Spectral CT System for Stopping Power Prediction and Dose Calculation in Particle Therapy
F. Longarino*, A. Kowalewski, T. Tessonnier, S. Mein, B. Ackermann, J. Debus, W. Stiller, A. Mairani

PO-GePV-M-139 : Feasibility Study of Using a Built-in KVCT Imaging System On a Novel Radiotherapy Machine with Integrated Dual-Imaging Systems for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
C. Han*, O. Oderinde, Z. Sun, A. Maniyedath, S. Shirvani, A. Liu

PO-GePV-M-140 : Dose Calculation Using Dual Energy CT in Photon Radiation Therapy
Y. Qin*, A. Bunker, R. Foster, M. Xu, J. Soen, M. Pankuch

PO-GePV-M-141 : Restoration of Body Outside Field-Of-View On CT Images Using Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks
K. Arimoto*, M. Nakamura, H. Hirashima, M. Nakao, T. Mizowaki

PO-GePV-M-142 : Neural-Network Based Rib Removal On Simulated Thoracic Radiography
Q. Xu*, D. Xu, D. Ruan, K. Sheng

PO-GePV-M-144 : Generation of Synthetic CT From CBCT Images to Reconstruct Dose for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
D. Patel*, T. Stanescu, J. Bissonnette

PO-GePV-M-146 : Minimizing Alignment Errors in SBRT Patients On CTOR Unit
R. Sadagopan*, R. Martin, C. Peeler, P. Nitsch, X. Wang, J. Pollard-Larkin

PO-GePV-M-147 : Retrospective Analysis of Treatment Setup Errors in Abdominal Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
C. Kumaran Nair*, G. Khelashvili, I. Das, P. Yadav

PO-GePV-M-148 : Retrospectively Evaluating CBCT Target Localization with MIP-Based Alignment and Comparing with AIP-Based Alignment
L. Wang*

PO-GePV-M-149 : Evaluating Displacement of Breast Tissue Expander During Radiation Treatment Course Using Pre-Treatment CBCTS
E. Huang*, R. Gonzales, B. Shen, L. Lin, S. Alcorn, F. Asrari, V. Croog, S. Stinson, A. Walker, J. Wright

PO-GePV-M-150 : Feasibility of Using the Planning CT (pCT) Electron Density Calibration Curve for Prostate Cancer Adaptive Planning Based On Daily Cone-Beam CT
P. Shukla*, D. Mynampati, P. Brodin, A. Lukaj, R. Yaparpalvi, A. Basavatia, W. Tomé

PO-GePV-M-151 : Evaluation of Efficacy of Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction Algorithm with the Beam Hardening Correction in Image Quality and Radiation Therapy
C. Kim*, N. Vassell, Y. Na

PO-GePV-M-152 : Evaluation of CT-On-Rails Image Quality Reproducibility for Intensity Modulated Proton Adaptive Therapy
Y. Hao*, W. Smith, A. Darafsheh, B. Sun, T. Zhang, T. Zhao

PO-GePV-M-153 : Using StyleGAN for Unpaired Image Translation Between CBCT and CT for Adaptive Proton Treatment
D. Tang*, T. Bortfeld, S. Yan

PO-GePV-M-154 : During-Treatment Imaging Feasibility for Intrafraction Stereotactic Spine Treatment Evaluations
M. Liu*, D. Drake, D. Lack, M. Sigler, J. Sliwinski, K. Barton, D. To, I. Grills, J. Liang

PO-GePV-M-155 : Imaging Performance of the Onboard Kilo-Voltage Fan-Beam Computed Tomography for Ring Gantry Therapy Unit
G. Gibbard, J. Tan, Y. Park, M. Lin, K. Wang, W. Lu, R. Reynolds, A. Godley, A. Pompos, S. Jiang, B. Cai*, T. Zhuang

PO-GePV-M-156 : Evaluation of An Auto-Segmentation Tool On Full Field-Of-View and Limited Field-Of-View Cone Beam Computed Tomography
J. Marasco*, S. Hendley, J. Wong, A. Granatowicz, A. Besemer, S. Zhou, S. Wang

PO-GePV-M-157 : Unsupervised CBCT-CT Synthesis for Prostate Radiotherapy Treatment with Contrastive Learning
Y. Pang*, X. Chen, T. Royce, A. Wang, G. Szalkowski, S. To, P. Yap, J. Lian

PO-GePV-M-158 : Does Off-Centering of Treatment Isocenter Impact On CBCT Image Quality for Brain-Met Patients?
N. Mail*, F. Li, M. diMayorca, R. Lalonde, M. Huq

PO-GePV-M-159 : Impact of Parameter Selection and Setup Conditions On Image Quality of a Novel On-Board Helical KVCT
R. Tegtmeier*, W. Ferris, J. Bayouth, W. Culberson

PO-GePV-M-160 : Simulating Head Motion in a Planning CT for Data Augmentation of Head and Neck Based Deep-Learning Networks
M. Gardner*, Y. Ben Bouchta, J. Sykes, P. Keall

PO-GePV-M-161 : Interfractional Motion and Setup Errors for Compression-Belt-Immobilized Lung-SBRT Quantified with CBCT
B. Rudek*

PO-GePV-M-162 : Variation in Relative Left and Right Diaphragm Positions Across Imaging Sessions Using CT Simulation and Cone-Beam CT Images
M. Lauria*, K. Singhrao, J. Lewis, D. O'Connell, W. Lin, A. Santhanam, L. Naumann, B. Stiehl, P. Boyle, P. Lee, D. Low

PO-GePV-M-163 : Daily Coverage Assessment Using Deep Learning Generated Synthetic CT for Lung SBRT Patients
L. Qiu*, Y. Lei, J. Shelton, K. Higgins, J. Bradley, W. Curran, T. Liu, A. Kesarwala, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-164 : Evaluation of the Dose Delivered by Cone-Beam CT Patient Positioning Exams During Prostate VMAT Treatments with An Innovative Plastic Scintillating Detector
C. POPOTTE*, R. Letellier, P. Retif, M. Munier, D. Paul

PO-GePV-M-165 : Evaluation of GE CT Simulator Extended Field-Of-View MaxFOV Algorithm for LINAC-Based Treatments
D. McIlrath*, M. Sullivan, S. Ahmad, S. Martinez

PO-GePV-M-166 : Alignment Accuracy RS Patients Treated On True Beam STx: Assessment of Online and Offline 6D Couch Shifts
N. Mail*, F. Li, M. diMayorca, D. Clump, R. Lalonde, M. Huq

PO-GePV-M-167 : Feasibility Study of Quantifying the Dosimetric Discrepancies of Planned Dose in Comparison to Delivered Dose Utilizing Daily Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)
T. Cuthbert*, S. Stathakis, P. Mavroidis, N. Papanikolaou, W. Jones

PO-GePV-M-168 : Feasibility Study of Deep Learning Based ITV Prediction in Cone Beam CT Images & It’s Dosimetric Study of Lung SBRT
S. Zhang, Z. Li, E. Yang, Y. Li, L. Zhang, X. Zheng, J. Qiu*

PO-GePV-M-169 : Development of An Image-Plan-Treat Workflow On An Integrated KVCT and Linac System
G. Chen, A. Tai, K. Kainz, Y. Zhang, A. Amjad, H. Jassar*, X. Li

PO-GePV-M-170 : A Voxel-By-Voxel Motion Modeling Algorithm Using Deformable Image Registration and 4D-CT Imaging
T. Meyers*, N. Alsbou, O. Algan, S. Ahmad, I. Ali

PO-GePV-M-171 : Assessment of Elements' MRI Distortion Correction Function with the Use of a Virtual Anthropomorphic Phantom
G. Nunez*, R. Diaz Moreno, R. Isoardi, C. Venencia

PO-GePV-M-172 : Matching Accuracy Comparison Between Five Different Deformable Image Registration Algorithms
M. Horita*, N. Hayashi, I. Kato, D. Yamanaka, K. Yasui, A. Takemura

PO-GePV-M-173 : Evaluation of Anatomical and Dose Variations in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy of Early-Stage Lung Cancer Using a GPU-Based Deformable Image Registration Framework
C. Han*, A. Santhanam, B. Stiehl, L. Naumann, S. Seshan, A. Liu

PO-GePV-M-174 : Evaluation of Deformation Image Registration Algorithms Based On Deformation Vector Field for Radiotherapy
E. Li*, Z. Zhong, Y. An, s. Huang, w. zheng, J. Lian, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-175 : A Comparative Evaluation of Deformable Image Registration Algorithms Based On the Jacobian
E. Li*, Z. Zhong, Y. An, s. Huang, w. zheng, J. Lian, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-176 : Functional Map in Biomechanical Studies
R. He, K. Wahid*, M. McCulloch, A. Mohamed, B. McDonald, M. Naser, G. Cazoulat, K. Hutcheson, K. Brock, S. Lai, C. Fuller

PO-GePV-M-177 : Determination of the Elastostatic Force Exerted in the Lungs During Breathing From Image Registration
S. Bhandari*, A. Bain, J. Jung

PO-GePV-M-178 : Lymphocyte-Sparing Radiotherapy: Reducing Dose to Lymphocyte-Related Organs at Risk in Locally Advanced Lung Cancer
N. Bassiri*, M. Daly, T. Yamamoto

PO-GePV-M-179 : Consistency Between Two Independent Methods of Lobe-Wise Ventilation Calculation From Free-Breathing CT
M. Lauria*, B. Stiehl, D. O'Connell, A. Santhanam, L. Naumann, P. Boyle, I. Barjaktarevic, D. Low

PO-GePV-M-180 : Multimodality Image Registration and Fusion Using Deep Learning for Radiotherapy Planning
A. Ratke*, E. Darsht, C. Bäumer, B. Spaan, K. Kröninger

PO-GePV-M-181 : MR-CT Image Registration by Using Unsupervised Deep Learning Model
M. Tavakoli*, S. Abbasi, H. Hamid Reza Boveiri, M. Mosleh-Shirazi, A. Mehdizadeh

PO-GePV-M-182 : Automated Multimodality Image Registration for Application in Brachytherapy Using U-Net Based Organ Segmentation
K. Qing*, X. Feng, S. Glaser, W. Watkins, D. Du, Y. Chen, C. Han, J. Liang, J. Liu, B. Liu, Q. Chen, A. Liu

PO-GePV-M-183 : A Hybrid Framework to Quantitatively Assess Deformable Image Registration Accuracy with a Complete Implementation of TG-132 Based Validation
L. Naumann*, B. Stiehl, M. Lauria, P. Boyle, D. Low, A. Santhanam

PO-GePV-M-184 : Development of Proton Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs for Image Guided Proton Radiotherapy
I. Ali*, N. Alsbou, S. Ahmad

PO-GePV-M-185 : Imaging Dose From Radixact ClearRT Kilovoltage Imaging
E. Ehler, P. Alaei*

PO-GePV-M-186 : Quantitative Evaluation and Feasibility Study of Using AI Denoising Technique to Minimize Image Dose of 2.5MV Beam
H. Kuo*, S. Lim, S. Lin, J. Sillanpaa, L. Cervino

PO-GePV-M-187 : Determination of In-Vivo 2D Correction Factors to Convert Cherenkov Imaging to Dose for TSE Patients
T. Zhu*, W. Zhong, H. Sun, Y. Zhu, T. Miao, A. Dimofte, I. Paydar, A. Maity, L. Dong, J. Plastaras

PO-GePV-M-188 : How Fiducial Bracketing Affects Lung Tumor Tracking
W. Belcher*, J. Jung, A. Ju, K. Yang, S. Sharma

PO-GePV-M-189 : Comparison of Accuracy and Stability of Target Position Prediction Between External- and Internal Surrogate-Based Correlation Model
Y. Sakurai*, M. Nakamura, H. Iramina, Y. Iizuka, T. Mitsuyoshi, Y. Matsuo, T. Mizowaki

PO-GePV-M-190 : Deep Learning 2D Rigid Registration with a Confidence Measure: Training Experience and Preliminary Results of Developing a Registration Network That Knows When It Does Not Know
F. Li*, W. Cai, X. He, J. Moran, T. Li, X. Li

PO-GePV-M-191 : Intra-Treatment Motion Management for Patients Receiving Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) and the Dosimetric Benefit of Reducing PTV Volume
T. Tseng*, S. Green, C. Starrs, Y. Lo

PO-GePV-M-192 : Predictability of Prostate Tumor Motion by Using Autoregressive Model for Real-Time Adaptive Radiation Therapy
A. Hayami*, K. Ichiji, N. Homma

PO-GePV-M-193 : Investigation of Registration Uncertainty Caused by DRR Resolution for Motion Tracking in Spinal Treatments
W. Cai, X. He, F. Li, P. Zhang, L. Cervino, J. Moran, T. Li*, X. Li

PO-GePV-M-194 : Feasibility of PTV Margin Reduction for Pelvic Oligometastatic Disease Treated Using MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
J. Snyder*, J. St-Aubin, D. Dunkerley, D. Hyer

PO-GePV-M-195 : Feasibility of PTV Margin Reduction for Prostate SBRT Treated Using MRI-Guided Radiotherapy
J. Snyder*, J. St-Aubin, D. Dunkerley, D. Hyer

PO-GePV-M-196 : Effect of Scattered X -Rays From Megavoltage Photon Beam On Markerless Tumor Tracking in Dual Energy Imaging
M. Kaur*, J. Luce, H. Mostafavi, M. Lehmann, D. Morf, L. Zhu, H. Kang, M. Walczak, M. Harkenrider, J. Roeske

PO-GePV-M-197 : Evaluation of Internal Vs External Surrogate Motions During Pancreatic SBRT Treatments
L. Madden*, A. Briggs, M. Gargett, R. Brown, E. Hewson, A. Ahmed, D. Chrystall, G. Hruby, A. Kneebone, J. Booth

PO-GePV-M-198 : Evaluation of Deep Learning-Based Algorithms for Tracking of Implanted Fiducial Markers in Pancreatic Cancer Patients
A. Ahmed, A. Mylonas, M. Gargett, L. Madden*, D. Chrystall, R. Brown, A. Briggs, D. Nguyen, P. Keall, A. Kneebone, G. Hruby, J. Booth

PO-GePV-M-199 : Efficiency of Real-Time Monitored SBRT for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) Using 3D Bioabsorbable Marker
S. Shen*, C. Veale, E. Thomas, M. Bredel, K. Keene, M. Dobelbower, H. Krontiras, H. Boggs

PO-GePV-M-200 : Assessment of Clinical Impact On Treatment Planning of the Use of Deep-Learning Model for Organ-At-Risk Autosegmentation for Head and Neck Cancer
J. Lucido*, T. DeWees, T. Leavitt, A. Anand, C. Beltran, M. Brooke, J. Buroker, R. Foote, O. Foss, T. Hodge, C. Hughes, A. Hunzeker, N. Laack, T. Lenz, M. Morigami, D. Moseley, Y. Patel, E. Tryggestad, L. Undahl, M. Willson, A. Zverovitch, S. Patel

PO-GePV-M-201 : Automatic Segmentation of Rectal Tumor On Magnetic Resonance Images Via A Deep Discriminative Model Consisting of U-Net and Conditional Random Field Based Post-Processing
H. Chen*, X. Li, X. Qi

PO-GePV-M-202 : A Clinical and Time Savings Evaluation of a Commercial Deep Learning Automatic Contouring Algorithm
J. Ginn*, H. Gay, J. Hilliard, J. Shah, N. Mistry, C. Möhler, G. Hugo, Y. Hao

PO-GePV-M-203 : Automated Segmentation of Vestibular Schwannomas From MRI with Deep Neural Network
H. Wang*, t. qu, K. Bernstein, D. Barbee, D. Kondziolka

PO-GePV-M-204 : Integration of Color Diffusion Tensor Tractography Images Into Contouring Workflows with Commercial Software
Z. Grelewicz*, K. Tatebe

PO-GePV-M-205 : A Prospective Multicenter Assessment of a Consensus-Guidelines-Based Auto-Contouring Method for OARs in Head & Neck and Thorax for Radiation Therapy Planning
G. Pednekar, J. Udupa, S. Nag, Y. Tong, T. Liu, J. Lukens, A. Berman, D. Mihailidis*, J. Stambaugh, C. Simone, I. Choi, R. Press, C. Robinson, W. Thorstad, S. Jabbour, S. Kim, M. Reyhan, J. Camaratta, S. Owens, D. Torigian

PO-GePV-M-206 : Evaluation of Maximum Permissible OAR Delineation Error That Avoids Clinical Impact Pancreatic Cancer Cases
F. Badry*, H. Rashad, V. Leandro Alves, J. Siebers

PO-GePV-M-207 : Automated Framework for Qualitative Review of Autosegmented Organs-At-Risk
E. Tryggestad*, A. Anand, R. Foote, O. Foss, T. Hodge, A. Hunzeker, D. Moseley, A. Ridgway, L. Undahl, S. Patel

PO-GePV-M-208 : Quantitative Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Generated Contours In Comparison With Physician-Generated Contours for Patients with Cancer of The Brain
W. Godwin*, D. McDonald, J. Peng, M. Maynard, G. Owen, A. Rapchak, S. Roles, J. Winiecki

PO-GePV-M-209 : Automated Clinical Target Volume (CTV) Delineation Using Deep 4D Neural Networks with Enhanced OAR Sparing in Radiation Therapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Y. Xie*, K. Kang, Y. Wang, M. Khandekar, H. Willers, F. Keane, T. Bortfeld

PO-GePV-M-210 : Clinical Implementation of AI Generated Contouring - Assessment of Accuracy of AI Generated Organ Contours Using Two Commercial Systems
M. Zaman*, C. Kota

PO-GePV-M-211 : Clinical Equivalency of Alternate Head-And-Neck OAR Delineations
H. Rashad*, F. Badry, V. Leandro Alves, H. Nourzadeh, W. Choi, J. Siebers

PO-GePV-M-212 : Application of a Convolutional Neural Network to the Segmentation of Lungs in Mice
E. Criscuolo*, R. Sali, E. Graves, L. Soto

PO-GePV-M-213 : Intrafractional Accuracy and Efficiency of a Surface Imaging System for Deep Inspiration Breath Hold During Ablative Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment
C. Zeng*, W. Lu, M. Reyngold, J. Cuaron, X. Li, L. Cervino, T. Li

PO-GePV-M-214 : Evaluation of a Tattoo-Less Setup with Surface Guidance On Breast Radiation Therapy -- A Single Institution Study
L. Zhuang*, C. Breit

PO-GePV-M-215 : Evaluation of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) for Prone Breast Cancer External Beam Radiation Therapy
M. Mashayekhi*, A. Gopal, E. Kowalski, L. Douglass, C. Tindall, H. Xu, J. Zhou, S. Lee, M. MacFarlane

PO-GePV-M-216 : Reproducibility of Chestwall and Heart Position Using AlignRT-Guided Vs. RPM-Guided DIBH Radiotherapy for Left Breast Cancer
W. Lu*, G. Li, L. Hong, E. Yorke, X. Tang, J. Mechalakos, P. Zhang, L. Cervino, S. Powell, S. Berry

PO-GePV-M-217 : Initial Clinical Experience with Surface Guidance for Treating Breast Patients On Halcyon
K. Kisling*, L. Padilla, G. Kim

PO-GePV-M-218 : SpyGRT: An Open-Source Low-Cost Surface Guidance System for Radiotherapy Research
Y. Ben Bouchta*, C. Sengupta, M. Gardner, T. Reynolds, P. Keall

PO-GePV-M-219 : Comprehensive Evaluation of AlignRT V6.3 “Send to Couch” Function for SGRT Applications
X. Zhai*, Y. Liang, B. Mueller, G. Li, Y. Song

PO-GePV-M-220 : Surface Guided Imaging Versus Orthogonal X-Ray Imaging for Initial Setup and Position Verification at Couch Angles with An Anthropomorphic Head Phantom
K. Rasmussen*, V. Bry, M. Bonnen, D. Saenz, N. Papanikolaou

PO-GePV-M-221 : Clinical Implementation of InBore Real-Time Monitoring for Adaptive Radiotherapy On Ethos
T. Keiper*, G. Kim

PO-GePV-M-222 : Determination of Population-Based Anisotropic Margin for Uterus and Cervix During a Course of Magnetic Resonance-Guided Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
Y. Kishigami*, M. Nakamura, M. Nakao, H. Okamoto, A. Takahashi, H. Igaki

PO-GePV-M-223 : Dosimetric Validation of An Intra-Fraction Stop-Scan-Adapt Protocol for 0.35T MRI-Guided Radiotherapy
J. Lamb*, R. Lotey, M. Bellon, S. Tenn, I. Kawrakow, J. Dempsey

PO-GePV-M-224 : A Two-Step Deep Learning Method for Accurate Synthetic CT From Abdominal MRI
E. Ahunbay*, J. Xu, A. Parchur, D. Thill, E. Paulson, X. Chen, E. Omari, X. Li

PO-GePV-M-225 : An MR-Based Method to Evaluate the Dosimetric Effect of Set Up Based On Stent Vs Soft Tissue Alignment in Pancreas SBRT
Z. Han*, A. Sudhyadhom, Y. Hu, S. Hsu, R. Mak, M. Huynh, R. Van Dams, S. Tanguturi, V. Venkatachalam, J. Leeman

PO-GePV-M-226 : Characterization of Image Quality During MR-Guided Radiotherapy (MRgRT) Localization: Impact of Coil Sensitivity Mapping
J. McCulloch, R. Herrera, P. Shipman, A. Gutierrez, T. Romaguera, D. Alvarez, I. Aizpurua, M. Chuong, M. Mehta, J. Bayouth, K. Mittauer*,

PO-GePV-M-227 : Evaluation of Delivered Dose Using Synthetic CT for MR-Guided and CT-Guided Radiotherapy
H. Wang*, X. Chen, Y. Zhao, X. Wang, E. Han, T. Lim, Z. Yu, S. Prajapati, J. Yang

PO-GePV-M-228 : The Use of Dual Isocenter MR-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Large Field Sarcomas
T. Tyson*, J. Crosby, Z. Morris, C. Glide-Hurst

PO-GePV-M-229 : Cross-Validation of MRI Distortion Assessment Using Fiducial and Harmonic Analysis Phantoms
P. Yan*, C. Velten, Y. Alvarado, J. Anias, Q. Peng, W. Tomé

PO-GePV-M-230 : Dosimetric Evaluation of Respiratory Gating On a 0.35 T Magnetic Resonance Guided Radiotherapy Linac
J. Charters*, Y. Abdulkadir, D. O'Connell, Y. Yang, J. Lamb

PO-GePV-M-231 : A Novel 3D Water Phantom System Designed for Measurements in MR Linear Accelerators
T. Lee*, M. Yu, J. Wu, Y. Wang

PO-GePV-M-232 : Microstructure Analysis and Dosimetry with EBT Film in MR-Linac
P. Yadav*, C. Corbella, M. Keidar, I. Das

PO-GePV-M-233 : Impact of 0.35 T Magnetic Field On Surface Dose
I. Das*, P. Yadav

PO-GePV-M-235 : Correcting Geometric Image Distortion and Isocenter-Shift at Various Gantry Angles On a 0.35T MRgRT
S. Marasini*, B. Quinn, M. Cole, R. Flores, T. Kim

PO-GePV-M-236 : End-To-End Deviation Validation of Image Registration in MR-Linac Online Adaptive Radiotherapy
p. yin*, Z. Li, Y. Yin

PO-GePV-M-239 : Dosimetric Feasibility of Craniopharyngioma Radiation Therapy Using An MR-Guided Linac
K. Mooney*, M. Mistro, C. Ainsley, A. Harrison, A. Kubli, H. Liu, H. Nourzadeh, W. Shi

PO-GePV-M-240 : Deep Learning-Based Synthetic CT Generation for MR-Only Adaptive Radiation Therapy On MR-Linacs
B. Hunt, B. Zaki, G. Russo, G. Asher*, G. Gill, C. Thomas, T. Prioleau, D. Gladstone, B. Pogue, R. Zhang

PO-GePV-M-241 : A Fast 3D Contour Editing Tool with 3D
paintbrush and Edge Detection for MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy

A. Amjad*, M. Moreau, A. Parchur, E. Ahunbay, D. Cooper, X. Li

PO-GePV-M-242 : MRI-Guided Adaptive Head and Neck Radiotherapy On a 1.5T MR Linac System
E. Aliotta, J. Hesse, E. Subashi, P. Godoy Scripes, J. Mechalakos, M. Aristophanous*, L. Cervino, N. Tyagi, K. Zakeri, N. Lee

PO-GePV-M-243 : Impact of Image Distortion On Target Tracking in 0.35T MRgRT
H. Zhang*, S. Marasini, T. Kim

PO-GePV-M-244 : Toxicity Correlations of Per-Fraction Delivered Organ Dose in An MRI-Guided Prostate Radiotherapy Clinical Trial
J. Lamb*, G. Ibrahim, Y. Abdulkadir, M. Cao, T. Ma, M. Casado, Y. Gao, V. Basehart, H. Wilhalme, K. Sheng, Y. Yang, D. Low, M. Steinberg, A. Kishan

PO-GePV-M-245 : Dosimetric Analyses of Stereotactic MR-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy for Kidney Tumors
S. Hsu*, Z. Han, A. Sudhyadhom, Y. Hu, R. Mak, M. Huynh, R. Van Dams, S. Tanguturi, V. Venkatachalam, D. Cagney, J. Leeman

PO-GePV-M-246 : Feasibility of Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Base of Tongue Cancers On the MR-Linac
H. Wang*, E. Han, J. Phan, T. Lim, J. Yang, M. Pham, X. Wang

PO-GePV-M-247 : Koopman Theory-Based Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced HNC MRI Motion Correction
R. He, K. Wahid*, A. Mohamed, B. McDonald, Y. Ding, M. Naser, J. Wang, K. Hutcheson, C. Fuller, S. Lai

PO-GePV-M-248 : Automatic Segmentation of Salivary Glands and Skeletal Muscles for MR-Based Daily Adapted Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy
C. Cardenas*, T. Ermongkonchai, D. Xing, Z. Iqbal, A. Mcdonald, A. Mohamed, B. Harris, R. Khor, H. Bahig, C. Fuller, S. Ng

PO-GePV-M-249 : Improving Target Dose Coverage with Patient’s Comfort Arms-Down Planning in 0.35T MRgRT
S. Marasini*, D. Holloway, J. Park, T. Kim

PO-GePV-M-251 : Investigation of the Water Equivalent Depth Method for Rapid Evaluation of the Dosimetric Accuracy of Synthetic CT
J. Choi*, B. Asadi, J. Welsh, S. Chalup, J. Dowling, j. simpson, P. Greer

PO-GePV-M-252 : Feasibility of MRI Zero TE Imaging for Interstitial Brachytherapy Needles Reconstruction
H. Alsaleh, S. Aldelaijan*, C. Constantinescu, B. Moftah

PO-GePV-M-253 : MR-Based Treatment Planning and Plan Adaptation for Treating Cardiac Metastases with MR-Linac
J. Yang*, P. Castillo, A. Sobremonte, B. Lee, M. Pham, N. Hughes, M. Mohammadsaid, X. Wang, P. Lee

PO-GePV-M-254 : Optimizing MR Sequences to Visualize Adrenal, Pancreas, Rectum and Liver Tumors for MR-Guided Online Plan Adaptation On Elekta Unity MR-Linac
D. Lee, P. Renz, A. Kirichenko, S. Oh, M. Hwang*, D. Pavord, J. Sohn

PO-GePV-M-255 : Feasibility of Using AI Generated Synthetic CT Images From a Commercially Available MRI Simulator for Proton Therapy Planning in the Prostate
M. Saki*, P. Johnson, C. Liu

PO-GePV-M-256 : Surrogate-Based Dynamic Tumor Motion Management Using Cine MRI in Radiotherapy
Z. Ji*, N. Knutson, M. Schmidt, T. Kim

PO-GePV-M-257 : Evaluating Cine MRI in Terms of Tumor Tracking Using 0.35T MRgRT Simulator
Z. Ji*, T. Kim, S. Marasini

PO-GePV-M-258 : Inter-Observer and Intra-Observer Variability of Pelvic Organs at Risk Delineation in Multiple Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequences
w. zheng, s. Huang, E. Li, J. Lian, X. Yang*

PO-GePV-M-259 : Commissioning Elekta Unity MR Imaging Sequences for MRI-Guided Brachytherapy
W. Massock*, Y. Kim, J. St-Aubin

PO-GePV-M-260 : Large Field of View (FOV) MR Image QA in 0.35T Clinical MRgRT
S. Marasini, H. Zhang, B. Gu, B. Quinn, M. Cole, R. Flores, T. Kim*

PO-GePV-M-261 : Optimizing MRI Readout of Fricke Gel Dosimeters On a 1.5T MR-Linac
M. MacCallum*, I. Malajovich, S. Serai, T. Salzillo, A. Dresner, G. Ibbott, L. Kim

PO-GePV-M-262 : Experimental Verification of the Electron Return Effect in Lung Heterogeneity Measurements On Elekta Unity MR-Linac
N. Tyagi, J. Liang, P. Godoy Scripes, E. Subashi, J. Moran, M. Chan, S. Lim*

PO-GePV-M-263 : Feasibility
study: Polymer Gel Dosimetry On 0.35T MR-Linac System

L. Marage*, J. Boudet, L. Aubignac, I. Bessieres, A. Petitfils

PO-GePV-M-264 : Development of Quality Assurance Metrics for Synthetic CT
Image Generation of Treatments Utilizing MRI-Only Simulation for External Beam Radiotherapy

K. Singhrao*, C. Calvin, M. Lauria, T. Nano, J. Lewis, J. Scholey, A. Sudhyadhom

PO-GePV-M-265 : Intrafractional Anatomic and Dosimetric Variations of MR-Guided SBRT Treatment of Prostate Bed After Radical Prostatectomy
Y. Gao*, S. Yoon, T. Ma, Y. Yang, K. Sheng, D. Low, M. Steinberg, L. Ballas, A. Kishan, M. Cao

PO-GePV-M-266 : Quantifying Setup Uncertainties in Treating Intramuscular Metastases with Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
S. Prajapati*, Z. Yu, Y. Zhao, T. Lim, H. Wang, X. Wang, B. Lee, P. Castillo, A. Sobremonte, A. Farooqi, D. Mitra, R. Kudchadker, C. Tang, J. Yang

PO-GePV-M-267 : End-To-End Validation of Fiducial Marker Tracking Accuracy in Robotic Radiosurgery Utilizing MRI-Only Simulation
K. Singhrao*, T. Nano, J. Scholey, M. Descovich

PO-GePV-M-268 : Gating Parameters for MR-Guided Radiotherapy: When One Tracks Not What One Treats
C. Ainsley*

PO-GePV-M-270 : Improved Tissue Equivalent Material for 3D Printing Model
w. jiao, F. Zhang, J. Qiu, H. Zhao*

PO-GePV-M-271 : A Preliminary Study On the Use of 3D Printing in Radiation Oncology
P. Ravindran*, S. Das, T. Medeo

PO-GePV-M-272 : A Novel 3D-Printed Device for Linear Accelerator Quality Assurance: Comparison to Purchasable Vendor Solutions
J. Winiecki*, S. Roles, A. Rapchak, J. Peng, D. McDonald, G. Owen, M. Maynard, W. Godwin

PO-GePV-M-274 : Finite Element Analysis of Customized Alternating Electric Fields Transducers for Small Animal Applications
H. Nguyen*, Y. Zeng, C. Pohling, V. Bashkirov, Y. Nie, E. Chang, V. Yamamoto, K. Schubert, C. Patel, R. Schulte

PO-GePV-M-275 : Gold Nanoparticle Radiosensitization Effect On Pancreatic Cancer Co-Culture
A. Alhussan*, J. Smazynski, D. Chithrani

PO-GePV-M-276 : A Hybrid Approach to Improve the Accuracy and Clinical Utility of Physical Anthropomorphic Phantoms
S. Shrestha*, S. Simiele, D. Hancock, E. Ludmir, S. Smith, C. Lee, R. Howell

PO-GePV-M-277 : Leveraging Global Mask for Structure Segmentation in Medical Images
W. Lu*, M. Chen, X. Gu, M. Kazemimoghadam

PO-GePV-M-278 : Evaluation of Auto Contouring Accuracy for a Commercial Software Compared to Physician Contouring
X. Liu*, Y. Zheng

PO-GePV-M-279 : Risk Assessment of the Acceptance Test Process for the New PET-Guided Linear Accelerator
M. Tavakoli*, A. Saoudi, D. Dimitriadou, J. Chang, R. Lalonde, M. Huq

PO-GePV-M-280 : Head Motion Tracking for Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using MR-Compatible 1D Lidar
B. Boroomandisorkhabi*, S. Montazeri, T. Kim, M. Esmaeelpour

PO-GePV-M-281 : A Framework for Effective Radiotherapy Treatment Plan Reporting in a Visual Programming Language
M. Schmidt*, W. Keranen, J. Labrash, B. Bikki, P. Szentivanyi, J. Aho, V. Gedei, A. Balogh, F. Reynoso, G. Hugo, N. Knutson

PO-GePV-M-282 : Fast and Sensitive Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Using Interferometry
A. Krueger*

PO-GePV-M-283 : A Portable Real-Time Image-Guided 6DoF Robotic Positioning System for Canine FLASH Trials
A. Sakaamini*, X. Liu, R. Wiersma

PO-GePV-M-284 : Auto-Contouring of Gadolinium-Based Nanoparticle Uptake in Brain Metastases
S. Bennett*, C. Verry, E. Kaza, X. Miao, R. Berbeco, A. Sudhyadhom

PO-GePV-M-285 : Comparison of Denoising Methods On Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI
R. He, Y. Ding, K. Wahid, A. Mohamed, M. Naser, B. McDonald*, J. Wang, K. Hutcheson, C. Fuller, S. Lai

PO-GePV-M-286 : Accurate and Robust Quantification of Calcium Mass in Coronary Artery Calcium Using the Integrated Hounsfield Technique
D. Black*, S. Molloi, X. Xiao, Y. Shen, S. Nie

PO-GePV-M-287 : A Two-Step Method to Improve Image Quality of CBCT with Phantom-Based Supervised and Patient-Based Unsupervised Learning Strategies
Y. Liu*, X. Chen, J. Zhu, B. Yang, r. wei, R. Xiong, H. Quan, Y. Liu, J. Dai, K. Men

PO-GePV-M-289 : Development of a Radiomics-Base Glioblastoma Prognosis Prediction Model Using CycleGAN
H. Yoshimura*, D. Kawahara

PO-GePV-M-290 : Optimized Small-Field Model for Linac-Based SRS On Varian TrueBeam with Millennium MLC 120 Yields Improved QA Results
L. Fanelli*, C. Njeh, H. Ai, X. Lu

PO-GePV-M-291 : A Semi-Supervised Learning Method Using Soft-Label for Cell Nuclei Segmentation On Immunohistochemistry Images
J. Zhou*, Z. Yan, J. Polf, H. Zhang, B. Zhang, M. MacFarlane, D. Han, M. Zakhary, A. Gopal, J. Xu, S. Lee, H. Xu, G. Lasio, S. Chen

PO-GePV-M-292 : Predicting the Complexity of Head and Neck VMAT Planning Using a TPS Quality Assurance Software
M. Sasaki*, Y. Nakaguchi, S. Ueda, Y. Endo, A. Kajino, D. Sato, H. Ikushima

PO-GePV-M-293 : Evaluating the Relationship Between MR Image Quality Measures and Deep Learning-Based Brain Tumor Segmentation Accuracy
R. Muthusivarajan*, A. Celaya, J. Yung, S. Viswanath, D. Marcus, C. Chung, D. Fuentes

PO-GePV-M-294 : Cross-Comparison of Multi-Platform AI Auto-Segmentation Tools Using Independent Multi- Institutional Datasets for Head and Neck Cancer
Y. Rong*, Q. Chen, L. Yuan, X. Qi, K. Latifi, X. Yang, B. Cai, H. Al-Hallaq, Q. Wu, Y. Xiao, S. Benedict

PO-GePV-M-295 : Estimation of Tumor Progression for Pediatric Patient with Craniopharyngioma After Surgery and Radiation Therapy Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Radiomics
W. Yang*, C. Wang, C. Hua, T. Davis, J. Uh, T. Merchant

PO-GePV-M-296 : Study On the Method and Accuracy of Volume Delineation and Motion Amplitude Measurement Based On Four-Dimensional CT Images Under Different Breathing Motion Modes
Q. Ni*

PO-GePV-M-297 : Dosimetric Evaluation of the Treatment Goals Effectiveness of VMAT / Cyber Knife Versus IMPT When LET / Variable RBE Are Taken Into Consideration for Brain Tumors
J. Fan, H. Kamal Sayed*, Q. Xu

PO-GePV-M-298 : Multi-Site Evaluation of the AI-Assisted Auto Segmentation Quality for a CBCT Based Online Adaptive Radiotherapy System
B. Meng*, M. Dohopolski, S. Jiang, M. Lin, B. Cai

PO-GePV-M-299 : A Practical Approach to Transmission and Dosimetric Leaf Gap Selectionfor Two Identical Linacs for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatments
H. Xie, E. Elder*, B. Ghavidel, S. Charyyev, R. Liu, Y. Liu, J. Zhang, K. Luca, K. Godette, X. Yang, T. Liu, J. Roper

PO-GePV-M-300 : A Quality Assurance Tests for 3D Printing Lab in Biomedical Physics Department
E. Elsaiedy , A. Nobah, S. Alhzani, B. Moftah,

PO-GePV-M-301 : Predicting Radiotherapy Induced Anatomic Change for Head Neck Cancer Patients Using Vision Transformer
K. Wang*, A. Andrade, M. Dohopolski, J. Wang

PO-GePV-M-302 : Investigating Blockchain Technology for HealthCare CyberSecurity
D. Davis*, J. Gerdes

PO-GePV-M-303 : A Tumor Template-Based Cross-Feature Map Attention Method for Small Liver Tumor Segmentation in CT Images
S. Sang*, L. Xing

PO-GePV-M-304 : AutoMO-Mixer: Towards a Balanced, Safe and Robust Prediction Model in Medicine
Z. Zhou*, J. Lv, X. Chen, D. Feng, X. Wang, X. Mou, L. Bai, S. Zhang

PO-GePV-M-305 : Hippocampus Avoidance Whole Brain Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Using A Knowledge Based Treatment Planning Model
J. Wolf, J. Roper, J. Bradley, X. Yang, Y. Fu, T. Liu, J. Zhang*

PO-GePV-M-306 : Automated Segmentation of Adnexal Ovarian Metastases Using Joint Distribution Wasserstein Distance Loss Metric
A. Nazib*, K. Boehm, V. Paroder, S. Shah, Y. Lakhman, H. Veeraraghavan

PO-GePV-M-307 : Predicting Distant Metastasis Through a Principal Component Analysis Based Belief Rule Base in Oropharyngeal Cancer
J. Wu, X. Xing, Q. Wang, T. Wu, Z. Zhou*

PO-GePV-M-308 : Cardiac Substructure Segmentation Using Self-Configuring NnUNet and NnFormer for Cardiac-Sparing Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
S. Lee, D. Wang, J. Natarajan, N. Yegya-raman, T. Kegelman, S. Feigenberg, G. Kao, Y. Xiao*

PO-GePV-M-309 : Deep Learning-Based Hippocampus Substructure Segmentation Using a Mutually Enhanced Strategy
Y. Fu, Y. Lei, J. Roper, J. Bradley, H. Mao, X. Yang, J. Wolf, T. Liu*

PO-GePV-M-310 : Dose Mimicking of Carcinoma Cervix Treatment Plans Using a Novel Convolutional Deep Neural Network
G. Singh*, H. HIMANI, A. Oinam, D. Thaper, R. Kamal, B. Rai, V. Kumar

PO-GePV-M-311 : Characterization of Carbon Beams Interactions with Tissue Towards Adaptive Radiotherapy Applications
A. Bey*, J. Johnson, J. Ma, C. Beltran

PO-GePV-M-312 : One-Stop-Shop for End-To-End Patient-Specific QA: A Glimpse Into the Future
M. DiMascio, L. Bohorquez*

PO-GePV-M-313 : Quantitative Modeling On Tissue-Specific Stem Cell Amounts for Radiation Induced Normal Tissue Complications
K. Wang*, M. Huq

PO-GePV-M-314 : Monte-Carlo Study of Dose Contribution From Secondary Particles in MRI-Guided Proton Therapy
A. BEN ALI*, M. Majoros, X. Zhang, E. Collings, N. Gupta, M. Sumption, L. Lu

PO-GePV-M-315 : Utilizing a 3D-Printed Chamber Holder to Improve Setup Uncertainty in the Calibration of a Superficial Radiotherapy Machine
L. Ku, B. Casto, J. Ying*

PO-GePV-M-316 : Artifacts Reduction of CBCT Based On Self-Supervised Learning
G. Liugang*, X. Kai, J. Sun, C. Qian, H. Bi, N. Xinye

PO-GePV-M-317 : One-Key Automating Quality Assurance of a New Linac Machine Using a Cylindrical Phantom and EPID Images
W. Sun*, Z. Shi, C. Liao, W. Zhang, X. Huang

PO-GePV-M-318 : A New Kinetic Interpretation of PSA for Diagnosis and Treatment-Response Assessment of Prostate Cancer
S. Li, B. Wang*, T. Giaddui, J. Price, C. Miyamoto

PO-GePV-M-319 : Artificial Intelligence-Aided Morphological Design for PET-Guided Radiotherapy
K. Wang*, M. Huq

PO-GePV-M-320 : TransCBCT: Improving the Image Quality of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography with Transformer
X. Chen*, Y. Liu, B. Yang, J. Zhu, Y. Liu, J. Dai, K. Men

PO-GePV-M-321 : A Plan Verification Platform for Online Adaptive Proton Therapy Using Deep Learning-Based Monte–Carlo Denoising
G. Zhang, X. Chen, J. Dai, K. Men*

PO-GePV-M-322 : Deep Learning Based Patient-Specific Auto-Segmentation of Target and Organs at Risk On Daily Fan-Beam CT Images
Y. Chen*, S. Butler, L. Yu, Y. Zhou, L. Shen, N. Kovalchuk, H. Bagshaw, M. Gensheimer, L. Xing, B. Han

PO-GePV-M-323 : Auto-Segmentation for Limited Field of View CBCT in Male Pelvic Region Using Deep Learning Method
H. Hirashima*, M. Nakamura, K. Imanishi, M. Nakao, T. Mizowaki

PO-GePV-M-326 : Endoscopic OCT Image Texture Analysis for Identifying Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancers
L. Lu*, X. Zhang, L. Luo, M. Sumption

PO-GePV-M-327 : Inpainting Truncated Areas of CT Images Based On Generative Adversarial Networks with Gated Convolution for Radiotherapy
X. Kai*, X. Qianyi, G. Liugang, J. Sun, C. Qian, N. Xinye

PO-GePV-M-329 : Expanding Access to SGRT-Based Patient Alignment Using Mixed Reality Visualization
P. Johnson*, S. Lampotang, D. Lizdas, W. Johnson, A. Jackson

PO-GePV-M-330 : Diameter Variation of Rectum and Bladder for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Under Bowel Preparation Regime
T. Li, Y. Guo, X. Dai, L. He, X. Yang, s. Huang*

PO-GePV-M-331 : Dual-Energy Radiography for Improved Detection of Retained Foreign Objects
H. Zhang, L. Hahn, H. Guo, A. Wang*,

PO-GePV-M-332 : Deep-Learning-Based Lesion Segmentation On 18F-Fluciclovine PET/CT
T. Wang*, Y. Lei, E. Schreibmann, J. Roper, D. Schuster, T. Liu, A. Jani, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-333 : Multi-Organ Segmentation On Female Pelvic CT Images Using Hierarchical Target Activation Network
T. Wang*, Y. Lei, J. Roper, J. Shelton, T. Liu, X. Yang

PO-GePV-M-334 : A Feasibility Study of Various Data Classifiers On Automatically Identifying Free Text Journal Notes in Radiation Oncology
R. Ma*, L. Yu, P. Zhang, J. Xiong, S. Liu, Y. Zhou, S. Berry

PO-GePV-M-335 : Automated Delineation of CTVs for Nasopharyngeal Cancer
C. Sjogreen*, T. Netherton, C. Cardenas, A. Lee, B. Beadle, D. Rhee, S. Gay, C. Nguyen, R. Mumme, J. Duryea, L. Court

PO-GePV-M-336 : A New Approach for Skeletal Dose Estimate for Large-Scale Radiotherapy Patients in Epidemiological Studies
Y. Yeom*, L. Braunstein, L. Morton, K. Bolton, H. Ju, H. Choi, N. Greenstein, C. Lee

PO-GePV-M-337 : A 2D/3D Integrated Network for Breast Tumor Classification
X. Chen, X. Wang*, J. Lv, Z. Zhou

PO-GePV-M-338 : Establishing Reliable Medical Prediction Model Based On Uncertainty Estimation
D. Feng, X. Chen, X. Wang*, Z. Zhou

PO-GePV-M-340 : AI-Assisted TCP/NTCP Predication Model for HNSCC Patients to Aid Treatment Plan Evaluation
A. Saad Bin Saeed*, M. Pudasaini, A. Khan, W. Muhammad

PO-GePV-M-341 : Mapping Tissue Oxygenation in Vivo with MRI
Z. Zhang*

PO-GePV-M-342 : Preliminary Study On Design X-Ray Blood Irradiator Using Monte Carlo N-Particle
J. Back, H. Park, j. kim, S. Park, D. Tran,

PO-GePV-M-343 : Similarity/Dissimilarity of Image (Signal) Comparison with Changing Random Variable Distributions
A. Chu*, Q. Peng, M. Garg, W. Tomé

PO-GePV-M-344 : Evaluation of Diversity in the Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center (MIDRC) Open Data Commons
H. Whitney*, N. Baughan, K. Drukker, K. Myers, M. Giger, M. Bdwg

PO-GePV-M-345 : Automatic Segmentation Algorithms Improve the Efficiency and Inter-Observer Agreement of Gross Target Volumes Contours
E. Czeizler, J. Pajula, H. Pölönen, K. Antila, K. Lehtiö, J. Lehto, A. Tiulpin, A. Maslowski, M. Hakala, E. Kuusela, K. Bush*

PO-GePV-M-346 : Predicting Overall Survival for Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer Using An Interpretable Machine Learning Algorithm
X. Pan*, T. Feng, C. Liu, X. Qi

PO-GePV-M-347 : A Multi-Objective Radiomic Model for Predicting Survival in Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer
X. Pan*, C. Liu, T. Feng, X. Qi

PO-GePV-M-348 : Interpretable Feature-Specific Generative Adversarial Network Model for 3D CBCT Image Enhancement for Radiomics
Z. Qiao*, Z. Zhang, Z. Jiang, Y. Lai, J. Lee, D. Wu, C. Beltran, L. Ren, M. Huang

PO-GePV-M-349 : Quantitative Evaluation of Radiodermatitis Following Whole-Breast Radiotherapy with Various Color Space Models: A Feasibility Study
S. Park*, J. Kim, C. Choi, J. Park, J. Kim

PO-GePV-M-350 : Correlation Between Metabolic Uptake in Planning PET and End-Of-RT Tumor Change in Lung Cancer
P. Zhang*, S. Alam, M. Thor, A. Rimner, J. Deasy, W. Lu

PO-GePV-M-351 : Three-Dimensional Dose-Function Data-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Predicting Pulmonary Toxicity After Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
Y. Fujita*, Y. Nakajima, D. Kawahara, T. Kimura, T. Yamamoto

PO-GePV-M-352 : The Intrinsic Significance of Proton FLASH-Mediated Sparing Effect On Benign Pancreatic Cells
Y. Lee*

PO-GePV-M-353 : Real Time Intracellular Oxygen Mapping in Vivo
during FLASH-RT Using Delayed Fluorescence of Protoporphyrin IX

A. Petusseau, M. Rahman, P. Bruza, S. Vinogradov, B. Pogue*,

PO-GePV-M-354 : 4DCT Based Ventilation Imaging Correlation to Pulmonary Function Test for SBRT Lung Patients
T. Lin*, J. Piskorski, M. Blau, A. Ritter, J. Shah, C. Ma

PO-GePV-M-355 : Breast Cancer Patient-Specific Reaction-Diffusion From Spatial Spectral Analysis of Immunohistochemistry Slides
S. Pasetto*, M. Zahid, R. Diaz, M. Rosa, R. Gatenby, H. Enderling

PO-GePV-M-356 : A Practical Approach for Improving Quantitative Assessment of Native Renal Recovery Using Multi-View Tc-99m DTPA Renal Scintigraphy for SLK Patients with 3+ Kidneys
J. Zhang*, B. Tang, M. Natwa, I. Woelfel, E. Appiah-kubi, A. Schenk, D. Hintenlang