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Early-Career Investigator SymposiumMonday - 7/11/2022Ballroom B
Early-Career Investigator Symposium1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Moderator 1: E. Russell Ritenour

Moderator 2: Matthew Podgorsak

1:45 PM
MO-FG-BRB-1 : A Multi-Institutional, Convolutional Neural Network-Based Approach to the Detection of Vertebral Body Mis-Alignments in Planar X-Ray Setup Images
R. Petragallo*, P. Bertram, P. Halvorsen, I. Iftimia, J. Lamb, O. Morin, G. Narayanasamy, D. Saenz, K. Sukumar, G. Valdes, L. Weinstein, M. Wells, B. Ziemer
1:57 PM
MO-FG-BRB-2 : A Neural Ordinary Differential Equation Model for Visualizing Deep Neural Network Behaviors in Multi-Parametric MRI Based Glioma Segmentation
Z. Yang*, Z. Hu, H. Ji, K. Lafata, S. Floyd, F. Yin, C. Wang
2:09 PM
MO-FG-BRB-3 : Combining Monte Carlo Voxel-Level External Beam Radiotherapy and Iodine-131 SPECT Based Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry Using Deformable Registration and Radiobiological Quantities
D. Adam*, J. Grudzinski, P. Hill, T. Bradshaw, S. Cho, A. Burr, P. Harari, B. Bednarz
2:21 PM
MO-FG-BRB-4 : Computational Mapping of Lymphocytic Topology On Digital Pathology Images with Single Cell Resolution Immunohistochemistry Validation
X. Li*, G. Sotolongo, Y. Mowery, J. Hodgin, A. Janowczyk, L. Barisoni, K. Lafata
2:33 PM
MO-FG-BRB-5 : Development and Validation of a Population-Based Anatomical Colorectal Model for Radiation Dosimetry in Late Effects Studies of Childhood Cancer Survivors
C. Owens*, B. Rigaud, E. Ludmir, A. Gupta, S. Shrestha, A. Paulino, S. Smith, C. Peterson, S. Kry, C. Lee, T. Henderson, G. Armstrong, K. Brock, R. Howell
2:45 PM
MO-FG-BRB-6 : Explainable Machine Learning for Predicting Overall Survival of Patients with Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Photon and Proton Radiotherapy
L. Duan*, S. Lee, R. Caruana, T. Kegelman, S. Feigenberg, Y. Xiao
2:57 PM
MO-FG-BRB-7 : Pair Production Tomography Imaging
Q. Lyu*, R. Neph, K. Sheng
3:09 PM
MO-FG-BRB-8 : Pulse to Pulse Cherenkov Imaging In Vivo During FLASH Radiotherapy Tracks Output and Surface Profiles
M. Rahman*, M. Ashraf, R. Zhang, X. Cao, D. Gladstone, L. Jarvis, J. Hoopes, B. Pogue, P. Bruza
3:21 PM
MO-FG-BRB-9 : MRI Detection of Iron Metabolism to Predict GBM Outcomes
M. Petronek*, C. Lee, V. Monga, J. Buatti, J. St-Aubin, D. Spitz, V. Magnotta, B. Allen
3:33 PM
MO-FG-BRB-10 : An Integrated Machine Learning and Biomechanical Modeling Guided Deformable Image Registration Framework for Consistent Parenchymal Tissue Tracking in Lung CT Scans
B. Stiehl*, M. Lauria, L. Naumann, D. O'Connell, P. Boyle, I. Barjaktarevic, D. Low, A. Santhanam