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Science Council Session: Advancing Science to Expand Access to State-of-the-Art Applications in Medical PhysicsTuesday - 7/12/2022Ballroom B
Science Council Session1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Moderator 1: Kristy Brock

Moderator 2: Jan Seuntjens

1:45 PM
TU-GH-BRB-1 : Opportunistic CT AI Screening for Low Bone Mineral Density
S. Fahrenholtz*, I. Banerjee, A. Tariq, B. Patel, W. Sensakovic
1:57 PM
TU-GH-BRB-2 : A Phase II Clinical Trial Design to Assess Intestinal Toxicity Reduction with Adaptive External Beam Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer (ARTIA-Cervix)
K. Moore*, X. Ray, D. Branco, C. Mccann, S. Davidson, L. Levin, K. Russell, S. Kohlmyer, J. Mayadev
2:09 PM
TU-GH-BRB-3 : Augmented Colorectal Cancer Detection Using Self-Attention-Incorporated Deep Learning
X. Jia, S. Sang, Y. Zhou, H. Ren, M. Laurie, M. Islam, O. Eminaga, J. Liao, L. Xing*,
2:21 PM
TU-GH-BRB-4 : Deep Learning-Based Echocardiographic Image Segmentation for Ultrasound-Guided Cardiac Intervention
Y. Lei, M. Axente, J. Roper, J. Bradley, X. Yang, Y. Fu, T. Liu*
2:33 PM
TU-GH-BRB-5 : Automated Robotic Targeting System for In-Vivo Histotripsy Treatment
M. Wagner*, S. Periyasamy, A. Kutlu, J. Swietlik, T. Ziemlewicz, M. Speidel, F. Lee, P. Laeseke
2:45 PM
TU-GH-BRB-6 : Image Synthesis with Weak Supervision Model for Brachytherapy of Prostate Cancer
Y. Pang*, Y. Huang, X. Chen, B. Lian, T. Royce, P. Yap, J. Lian
2:57 PM
TU-GH-BRB-7 : An Implementation of Gastrointestinal Tract Motility in a 4D Imaging Phantom of Human Anatomy
E. Subashi*, P. Segars, H. Veeraraghavan, J. Deasy, N. Tyagi
3:09 PM
TU-GH-BRB-8 : Improved MV-CBCT Using a Novel Multilayer Imager
T. Harris*, M. Jacobson, M. Myronakis, M. Lehmann, P. Huber, D. Morf, I. Ozoemelam, R. Berbeco
3:21 PM
TU-GH-BRB-9 : In Vivo Demonstration of 3D-Dosimetry and Radiation Beam Localization Via Ionizing Radiation Acoustics Imaging (iRAI) in a Rabbit Model
I. Oraiqat*, I. El Naqa, W. Zhang, N. Ba Sunbul, C. Tichacek, K. Chang, X. Wang, E. Moros, P. Carson, K. Cuneo, M. Matuszak, D. Litzenberg
3:33 PM
TU-GH-BRB-10 : Intelligent Automatic Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
Y. Gao*, C. Shen, Y. Gonzalez, X. Jia, Y. Park